The invulnerability of the population to coronavirus infection appear when vaccination covering 95 percent of the population, said the chief epidemiologist Ministry of health of Russia, academician of the RAS Nikolai Briko in an interview with "the parliamentary newspaper."

He expressed hope that the emergence of vaccines in the near future. According to the who, said the medic, to protect the population from infection with airborne transmission will only mass vaccination. And 95% population coverage guaranteed to ensure his invulnerability, said the interlocutor of the edition.

"the world health organization focuses on a 95 percent coverage of the population, this figure, which guarantees the invulnerability of a society to infection. It will not apply, because it will not find fertile ground for propagation and retention of this cohort of persons," said Briko.

Academician said that protection of the population can speak, when the collective immunity will be 60-70 percent.

"60-70% is the level that will allow us to say that if the agent introduction, he at least will spread and cause new diseases in this category of persons. At least, with much less activity and intensity will develop the epidemic process in such a group," he said.

So, according to the physician, in Europe provides evidence that antibodies against coronavirus have 15 percent of the population. In this figure, there remains the possibility for the circulation of the pathogen, and it can cause subsequent illness.

According to the latest world health organization, cumulative number of cases worldwide reached five million, more than 335 thousand patients died. For all the time of the pandemic, has registered 336 thousand cases COVID-19, about 3,500 patients died, about 108 thousand cured.