the Russian Cities with the lowest yield from the purchase of an apartment in a new building under the program of preferential mortgage became Voronezh (minus 21.4 percent), Samara (minus 23.8 percent), Krasnoyarsk (minus 12.6 percent), Rostov-on-don (minus 11.1 percent) and Yekaterinburg (minus 9.2 percent). However, the increase in yield is possible in the long term. This is stated in the company material Federal “Floors” placed at the disposal “of the”.

the Experts considered the benefits that could be given to investors when buying apartments in the primary market, investing 20 percent of their funds from the total cost of the property (the amount of the initial payment on the mortgage). The calculations were done taking into account the dynamics of changes in the average cost per square meter for the period from March to November 2020, and the amount of overpayment for housing loan in seven months.

the Best yield called Omsk from March to November the average cost of “square” in the primary market increased by 17.7 per cent from 40.2 to 47.4 thousand thousand. Given an initial payment 265,6 thousand rubles, “odnushka” area of 33 square meters in the spring was worth 1.3 million rubles, and now already 1,6 million rubles. Thus, the yield in annual terms amounted to 125.6 percent.

“of Course, we must note that in any city there are marketable sites that give a yield higher average values and are illiquid, the cost of which either does not change or shows growth in the long term,” added the company.

Second place went to Kazan of 108.3 percent year-on-year. Next comes the Chelyabinsk — 96.8 per cent. Also, the top ten were Tyumen (77.5 percent), Nizhniy Novgorod (61.5 per cent), Saint Petersburg (53.8%), Volgograd (52,3), Perm (41.8%), Novosibirsk (41%) and Ufa (38 percent).