of Course, such a person would like to meet in person. But now, alas, impossible. In this talk with Dimitri on the phone. The voice on the phone was cheerful, confident. Or as they say now, “samootverzhennyj”.

– I was Born in Abakan. Here graduated from high school, he entered the Tomsk state University, faculty of philosophy. During his studies he actively engaged in public work, first in the student Union, then head of the Tomsk regional branch of Russian Union of youth. Engaged in various sports, especially loved swimming, I have it adult sports category. In General, a minute without business did not sit, he recalls.

the Life of a talented student changed dramatically nine years ago, in February 2011. Dmitry studied at 5 year, he was 21, and graduation was only a few months.

– Remember, you guys went to Krasnoyarsk, where every year in late winter held the Governor’s ball. As part of his program, I went on a tour of the centre of extreme sports. There was such a thing called “foam pit”. We jumped into it. And I’m an athlete, just jump it seemed to me interesting – decided to do a somersault. Done once, twice… On the third landed badly on his back. I woke up in the hospital with a broken spine, completely paralyzed. This started my new life. No guarantees and projections the doctors did not give too difficult trauma. Vaguely said that, in General, to recover really, there were such cases. “To be with you is unknown to us. Just one thing: to get back, you need a lot of effort, time, patience and work on yourself”.

Then there were more than a dozen complex operations, a long rehabilitation. In parallel, Dmitry defended the same diploma and enrolled in graduate school. Worked a lot, the doctors gave good predictions. But four years ago, in 2016, during the next surgical intervention something went wrong, a condition dramatically worsened.

And in front of me clearly the question arose: What to do next? Give up? Or to continue? And if you continue, why, for what? The correct answer has helped, I think my philosophical education. I logically comprehended and understood that a force that does not allow me to give up, is the power of faith, faith in yourself. That I will succeed, – says Dmitry.

And he again continued on their very difficult path. For example, have carefully studied all the laws related to public assistance to disabled people:

it was too Bad that no one gives complete information – neither the doctors nor the authorities who should do it, – says Dmitry. Answers collected in one place – a clear, specific answers on the rights of the disabled laid on him by law benefits no nigde, in any database.

Today, people with disabilities to seek and find all the necessary information myself. It’s incredibly difficult – because the one with whom the accident has happened, and so in a panic, he is unable to think rationally, do not know who to talk to, who to ask.

– for example – continues to Dmitry. – I had once in two months go for treatment and operations – from Abakan to Tyumen and back on the train. Accompanying them was my mother. Two-person compartment round-trip ticket cost about 40 thousand rubles. And no one explained that in this case, and I as a disabled person, and the mother as an attendant on a free ride! Yes, in the end we figured it out, but before that have time to spend to travel a very large sum. Or on the possibility of treatment in other cities. For some reason, the doctors do not tell that in Moscow there is a national medical surgical center named after N. I. Pirogov, where you can take a course of rehabilitation. I only heard this from people in the same situation.

In General, according to Cheshev, in the case of the disabled works better word of mouth than those who are required by official duties. It applies to the treatment, and benefits, and some opportunities. He cites another example: few people know that disabled people entitled to financial assistance for redevelopment, for example, a bathroom, and adapting it to their needs. – Grandma overheard on TV and told me. I three years could not get there alone, bathed in a basin in the hallway. Now calmly taking a bath, – says Dmitry.

However, according to the source, these issues and search for their solutions are not the goal of his training. Performances are wheelchair users, where every day involved more people, aim to share a different experience – finding strength, new possibilities and new solutions. This applies not only to persons with disabilities and all those who have faced challenges and did not know how to overcome them. A separate direction – work with students. This actually all started.

Once I was invited to speak to high school students to tell about their lives. We talked about different things – how to set a goal and organize your day to achieve this goal, to rely on where to look for support in the implementation of their plans. Not giving up in difficult times, to find the strength to go on. Seems to be simple, understandable to all things, but they are very relevant. The conversation went sharp, candid, and the result pleased me and the guys. So decided to continue. In addition, I tell the children about the life of people with disabilities: to not fear them, do not hesitate, understand how and when you can help. Explain what is invalid, what is it buggy, how it moves, what maloob��linoma people need lifts and ramps. In great detail explain by example how to move around the city, go shopping, meeting with friends, fly a plane, play sports. You have no idea how children are interested in. When you tell, as are diving, their surprise, there is no limit. It is believed that the necessary diving fins, and I have to do without them, – says Dmitry Cheshev.

He did a traveler with the experience. He travelled throughout Russia, from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, trying to combine treatment with relaxation and sightseeing, ironically calling it “medical tourism”. Said that especially was impressed with Peter, the fact that almost all the sights available equipped environment for disabled persons. The most startling memory of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, where a climb to the observation deck can not only stairs, but with the help of modern lifts. Dmitry and once even took part in sailing races.

– There is a Russian organization “White cane” that helps people with visual impairment. She has a project “sails of the spirit”, where people with disabilities are included in the teams that go through different routes on the yachts. I was lucky to meet these people in the Crimea, where I went to rehab, that’s just at the moment hosted the sailing competitions. I was invited aboard, and it was an unforgettable adventure, would love to repeat it, – says Dmitry.

we plan To travel abroad. But in the future, and is the author of motivational training shares his experience on how to survive the current difficult times. Says that disabled people have – and so they are a big part of my life spend in a confined, isolated space. For example, a personal record of Dmitry eight months in four walls. And it is also an experience which he actively shares with participants of his lectures. And, of course, go to the main goal – to get to his feet. “I really would, because I believe in myself,” he said.

And how are the neighbors?

In Krasnoyarsk wheelchair Alexander Tkachev lectures how to understand each other, persons with disabilities and healthy people. Tkachev – head of the Krasnoyarsk regional public organization of invalids, veterans of law enforcement bodies and the armed forces. Two years ago, he along with his associates won presidential grant of 1.7 million rubles for the program “to Accept you can’t refuse”. It is conceived as a course of lectures and seminars for people of different professions: police, doctors, railway workers, pilots, postal workers, restaurants and cinemas. According to the authors of the project, friendly service in those organizations for people with disabilities is particularly important.