British journalists have made a selection of children of the Russian elite who live luxurious life in London. They began moving here in the 90s, and in 2008, after the introduction of the facilitated visas for large investors, the Russians flooded the capital of the United Kingdom. They buy expensive houses and apartments in prestigious areas, and their children are studying here, living the high life and almost assimilated with the higher elite of English society.

On the background of the publication of the “Russian report” Tatler decided to draw the attention of readers to the interview with the “millionaires from Moscow” two years ago. The idea was picked up by the Daily Mail newspaper.

For example, the daughter of a Russian businesswoman (her name and occupation not disclosed) Anna IBA graduated from the University Regent's University education that costs 40 thousand pounds (3.6 million) per year. She regularly publishes in social networks the photos in the clothes of luxury brands such as Balenciaga, Hermes and Tom Ford.

At the same time, the daughter of an oligarch Roman Abramovich Sophia demonstrates followers of their horses. Reporters noted that the owner bought one of them for 500 thousand pounds (45 million rubles). In addition, the celebration of the 18th anniversary of girls in an elite London club Under The Bridge, which was attended by 500 people, Abramovich cost of 30 thousand pounds (2.7 million).

The son of singer Oleg Gazmanov Philip, in turn, works in the UK model and is divided into frames luxurious home away from home on his page in Instagram. For example, he published a picture in which he poses in his own Ferrari. In addition, the guy shows fans pictures from a private plane that he flies on vacation in Switzerland, Greece, Italy and France.