During the period of mode isolation the demand for secondary housing in Moscow fell four times. On this background of sharply increased demand for such services is real estate agencies how urgent purchase of apartments, according to the materials of the company “ABC Housing”, arrived in edition “”.

according to experts, many owners have rushed to sell their apartments in order not to be held hostage by the falling demand and price fluctuations. The major share of the lots for sale are “odnushki” cost from 2.5 million to 7 million rubles, located in Moscow or in the suburbs.

“People are afraid to look at the apartments due to the regime self-isolation, and sellers lose potential buyers, according to realtors. — The second factor — the fear not to sell the house at a certain time. In the current situation is not clear, the exposure time. Thus, liquid Studio apartment on the secondary market, on average, exhibited one to two months, now the average time of exposure increased several times. This forces owners to go to extremes and sell the property through a service purchase of apartments”. In the case of immediate redemption the discount is 15-20% of the market value of the property, experts say.

Earlier in April, it was reported that since the beginning of the isolation of the regime in Moscow has sharply increased the number of sellers of second homes ready after the recovery of sales to reduce the cost of their apartments. The standard size of discounts, which agree Muscovites — about 5-6 per cent.