to Punish the 54-year-old Muscovite Oleg Shevchenko, who on may 2 last year staged a shooting at the site for walking dogs in the city of Moscow, did not Shcherbinsky trial. Although initially the investigation accused the man of attempted murder of five people.

As told “MK” the lawyer Alexey Demin, during the may holidays Shevchenko met on the street janitor Jamal and his two friends – they roast barbecue near the house, in a deserted place. Shevchenko joined them, but the alcohol wasn’t (later examination showed he had a blood zero ppm). About one in the morning home from the bar and returned a few drunken neighbors Shevchenko. One insulted Jamal, got into a conflict. Friends of the janitor fled, and local began to beat the worker. Shevchenko tried to separate them, but he, too, went from a hit he took off a tooth, which was holding a bridge with four other teeth. Shevchenko went to his home, took his gun Benelli, loaded it with cartridges with small shot, hung on a bandolier, and in that terrifying kind of went out into the yard.

According to the lawyer, Shevchenko was not going to kill anyone, otherwise I would have taken the other patrons. In his youth he served in the frontier troops, owns many weapons and a great shot, but never at living targets: Shevchenko opponent of hunting, and fond of shooting “Skeet”.

In the yard, in which Shevchenko, “theater of war” has shifted — it turned out that Jamal tried to escape, but was caught up and again knocked to the ground. Standing about 30 metres from the fighting, Shevchenko demanded to stop the beating of the janitor, but he dropped the dog. Shevchenko fired in her direction, aiming at the ground. The dog yelped and disappeared into the bushes with the owner. Shevchenko moved towards Jamal, demanding to let him go, and made two more shots — up and down. But concrete tiles the shot ricocheted and some pellets got into a fight. However, most affected by the janitor, who by his attackers decided to hide behind.

All gone, and only one of the offenders moved unsteadily to the side and Shevchenko and tried to grab the gun. According to the lawyer, the shooter that could not allow – you never know what could have happened if the gun was in the hands of a drunken man. He pushed the barrel aside and shot in the air. From somewhere popped up Jamal and dragged a neighbor. The fight is over. Shevchenko returned home and waited for the police.

All participants of the incident appealed to the emergency room. They all had bruises and contusions, also the pieces were in different parts of the body. But in the hospital one Jamal.

the Bullet was deformed – it says that the owner of the guns had not been firing at people and they flew off as a result of ricochet. However, the consequence of imputed Shevchenko attempted ��the murder of all the participants of the incident, including the unfortunate janitor. And all injuries received during this fight, blamed also on Shevchenko. As explained by the lawyer, Jamal learned about this turn, he was afraid and fled, and the victims said that the worker of a broom he attacked them.

after some time Jamal ran into someone I knew and told me that Shevchenko faces up. He came to the investigator and he told me how it was, and said that he is grateful Shevchenko – he repeatedly lost consciousness while he was beaten. But investigators didn’t believe the testimony of the janitor.

However, the court was shown a video, which was all clear. And the neighbors who watched out the window for a while, told how one of the instigators of the fight were trying to calm the wife.

“Shevchenko – not aggressive people, but with active citizenship: at the time, he was assistant Deputy of the state Duma on a voluntary basis, now retired on disability, writes poetry, – said Alexey Demin of his client. – On requalification of the charges he is asked in court, the prosecution, having dealt in this business.

“the Sentence was changed actions Shevchenko in paragraph “C” of part 2 of article 115 of the criminal code (Intentional infliction of bodily harm with a weapon”, sentenced to imprisonment for a period of 1 year and 8 months with deprivation of the right to engage in activities related to the acquisition, storage and carrying of weapons for a period of 2 years and 6 months”, – told “MK” in court.