Augsburg the kidnapping and death of ten-year-old Ursula Herrmann in 1981, the brother gets no Pain and suffering of the convicted offender.

This has decided to a civil chamber of the higher regional court of Munich (OLG) on Tuesday. The exact reasoning is not yet known. In Augsburg, the seat at the end of the higher regional court Senate quashed in order for a contrasting judgment of the district court of Augsburg (Az. the OLG: 24 U 3186/18).

The kidnapped girl was then locked up in a buried box, Ursula Herrmann. suffocated in it photo: picture-alliance/ dpa

The case

The abduction of the schoolgirl on the Ammersee is one of the most famous crimes in the German post-war history

According to the investigations of the perpetrators, Werner M., tugging the girl on the evening of the 15. September 1981 in Utting am Ammersee (Bavaria) of your bike and locked her up in a forest buried chest. The girl was suffocated hours later and was found 19 days later in a search action of the police. Ursula’s parents received two letters, in which a ransom of two million marks was required, and multiple calls.

The public Prosecutor’s office had certified the defendant’s unparalleled cold-bloodedness and merciless: He had prepared out of greed for money, the abduction of the girl in a focused and uncompromising violence consistently executed. Ursula was buried alive and with no Chance of help suffocated.