2020 wants to decide for Valentino Rossi, whether he depends on another MotoGP season off, or at the age of 41 years, retires. However, even if he should decide to stay in the Premier class, is likely to be the end of his 25-year career in the motorcycle world championship.

What he will miss most of all, betrayed Rossi recently in an interview with ‘Sky Sport 24’. It is a Routine that he maintains for many years and which represents him: “The Start is a kind of Ritual. I lean next to the motorcycle, talk to him and tell him that it must help me”, describes the “doctor”.

Valentino Rossi with motorcycle

“It is as if I lead a conversation, although I never get a response. But I don’t believe in this so much that I would be surprised if it would answer me one day. What I feel before the race, is beautiful, and when I go to stop, it’s what I’m going to miss the most.” LAT Valentino Rossi in action

in fact, don’t believe Rossi that there is only him. “In my opinion, many pilots like to drive it because its what you feel in the moments after the warm-up and before the Start. Everyone does their own thing, it’s about being with the Bike alone. It is a nice feeling,” he says.

it Seems as if Rossi was still not ready for the resignation. Since the private happiness has to wait. And so the Italian kids: “The great Enzo Ferrari said that the driver will lose a second per lap, if you have a child. Given my current Situation I can’t afford it.” Leon Niederberger protested against hoarding: “pretty angry” made PCP Leon Niederberger protested against hoarding: “pretty enraged”

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