the 34-year-old Anastasia and 38-year-old Sergei Filimonov of Krasnogorsk near Moscow — unique family, they raise a cybernetic, three boys: Ilya, Artem, nick, and daughter Ira. The most difficult time of sleepless nights, first teeth and first steps have Filimonovych behind — last year mom and dad took their “magnificent four” in the first grade and now can sum up the first results of his unique family experience.

Family Filimonovych medical: Anastasia worked as a nurse until the birth of the kids, and Sergey — the driver of “ambulance”. They failed to become parents, Anastasia was forced to be treated for infertility.

When I finally became aware of the long-awaited pregnancy, the first step on the ultrasound the doctors informed the spouses about the twins. “Twins so twins, it was hard, but grow!” thought then they. For families with modest incomes the birth of two instead of one expecting a baby already seemed quite a serious challenge. But as it turned out, this was not the final figure.

— I was in the hospital for saving, I was sent for an ultrasound and there the doctor looked at the monitor, then at me and said that now they have three, not two, — says Nastya. — I, on the one hand, fear of children has increased, and scared all at all to lose. When my husband came to my house, I showed him the ultrasound, where three, he fell silent and thoughtful. And later, at 16 weeks we went for an ultrasound during which the doctor told us: “There seem to be four heads?!”. I can’t remember all of the feelings that came over me. But it certainly was fear and unawareness of the information received. Came out, told my husband. Silently drove home the whole way. He didn’t speak for almost a week, was recovering. A lot of the advice I heard over that period from different people. And I like to jump from a height, eyes closed, said I’m going to bear. And then come what may.

— Probably it was not easy to make four?

— the pregnancy was hard, I almost all time was in the prone position. The last 2 months before birth was in the hospital. Delivered via cesarean section. The kids were premature and the first two months was in the hospital to get stronger and gain weight. First Cubase in intensive care, then they were transferred to another hospital, we visited them. She studied the diapers to wear at home to make this already fast and without problems. Remember, he brought them home, I put four sacks on the sofa, they are silent. Then, of course, the evening began. The condition was not clear. It was felt that there has come some serious responsibilities. Now I remember, I was waiting for the simultaneous wailing all four nights. When they asked to eat, and could all together start to cry while namese��ü they blend, everything goes wild. But at night cried a maximum of two. It happened once that one could overstrain, and the others were asleep, not even woke up.

In the first two years I helped mom and girlfriend. Friend I have practically lived. Husband worked, but also helped. The children immediately were on artificial feeding.

— Nights, of course, not sleep on it?

with the Nights differently there. One sleeps, the other awake. Crying due to colic, for his teeth, it was. I remember the Ira did not sleep well. It could be only my husband or my mom. And I’m with her, no contact. Was worried at first, like daughter, and there is no connection. We lived in a Studio apartment, and I was afraid that she Wake and all. We even moved to the kitchen, in the cradle of the wheelchair. Until they started to walk, no sleep was not. Day sleep two sleep during the day and two awake. Or all asleep, one is not asleep, and when he was already harvested, others Wake up.

When the children were four months, we with Sergey the first time I left them at the grandmother, my mom, and went to the birthday party of a friend. I think I called my mom every half hour. Mom was, of course, not alone but with his sister, it is one we had no children left.

— How we managed to walk right with four? One to do it unreal?

— Why, I them and one to walk out. In our house there was a huge freight Elevator, and I could bring two double stroller. But first we just bought one stroller. And here is spring, a warm day, and we wanted first to go out — before kids we slept on the balcony. We are with him and his girlfriend dressed up, put stacks in this stroller. They all fit in one, very little else was.

We were lucky, the town to take care of us soon after the birth of children we have identified a two-bedroom apartment. We do, of course, are unable to buy it.

From strollers we refused, as soon as the children began to walk. It was inconvenient to deliver them in the Elevator in the new house. So we were taken out of their hands. In the sandbox they were taken — and they sit in it, play. As I hands led all four — don’t even remember now, to be honest. Most likely, one arm of two and other two.

They have a very long crawl. Then Walker drove. Walkers, we did not buy, gave them to me for free people. I never advertised, my people found themselves and gave everything. First we have Elijah began to walk. Fell, of course, and not once. We locked the door to the nursery, so they are not scattered, spread throughout the apartment. And there they were crawling, did what he wanted, when I had to cook or something.

…When the children turned two and a half years, they went to kindergarten. It would seem that there mom could finally breathe, but there it was.

— I will Not say that it has become easier. Subject when I left, stood in the window, and I thought he half stood there, because when I came, he in the same place was in the same position. I went to kindergarten, walked with them, took away early… They attended kindergarten for a year and then I took them all. With three years of school, they were home with me.

When the cybernetic was four years old, my parents went with crumbs in his first trip to Georgia. Went with friends on multiple machines. Drove 6000 miles with young children. The trip was hard, says the mother, on the third day the children got the rotavirus. “One of our child could not move away — sigh Nastya. We went to Batumi, look at this beauty, the beach… And there he again became ill”.

To the school, Anastasia has been developed of the kids, drove to the psychologist, the speech pathologist. The kids have a slight delay in development. “Most likely, you wouldn’t have any of the features, if you have communicated with them,” says mom. Anastasia hung out with them all day long on the machine, transported to work well even says that before the birth she managed to get right, then it was not before.

And September 1 last year of their quadruplets went to a correctional school “Constellation”. Nastya admits that earlier she was scared of the word “corrective”, as probably most parents. But, to her surprise, she found that both at school and in the classroom, children learn at different levels. Anastasia is very happy with school:

— I like that the class is only 10 people, all you can track and test the knowledge of each. In our class not one teacher but two. They are extraordinary teachers, they are such difficult children, and they have a completely different approach to children. They are more peaceful and tolerant. The curriculum is the same as in regular schools, the materials are the same, only the serving dosage. My children enjoy going to school, they had friends there. Ira copes well with school, she could go to regular school, but went with my brothers ‘locomotive’. In General, they can at any time go to a regular school, there will be seen.

it was Hard at home on remote directly with four students?

I Have a computer in the room is, and we could not do, because there is no place to put children with notebooks and textbooks. Children learn in the kitchen at the big table, all the classes I held with my phone. Of course, they were not visible, and I kept saying to the teacher.

How to deal with school, not to forget anything?

— we Have a kitchen Board hanging, that’s my reminder. When the children were sick, I had written it, when, to whom and what to take. And then, when it started is, I’m on this Board taught. On remote was very hard. At school they are more attentive and learn better, but at home they raslablendo feel.

— And how do you cope if they all get sick at once?

— of Course, it happens that all four of them sick. In two to three years old, when they were babies, it was awful. Lay it all on the couch all day, then pills, then the temperature measured. Miserable all all the comfort necessary.

Externally, the kids are very similar, although not copies of each other: the Ira and nick like dad, Tom Papa Nastya and Ilya looks like her mother.

— What are their personalities, what they want to be?

— While the boys, like all children, dream of male professions — smiling Anastasia. — Nick wants to become a firefighter; he is persistent, always gets her way. Artem — COP, Ilya says that there will be a racer, and he loves to invent machines, which are not, draws them. Ira is a visionary, obstinate like all women, lifts the boys, feeling their advantage. Loves animals and wants to become a veterinarian.

— As the summer spend?

is the Month lived in the country my mom, dad and the boys to bike long distances traveled. We still dog started, we have added concerns, so we have fun. (Smiles.)

— Tired much?

— If one wants to get tired he says: “I’m so tired!”. Must be able to prioritize. I have time to redo in parallel with the upbringing of children many cases.

And consider future work for yourself? Or is it impossible with quadruplets?

— it is Unlikely I will return to work as a nurse because it is very hard, night shifts… Me with four children it is better to work from home, I’m a second year doing network marketing is one of the cosmetic lines already earn little. I will explore this area.

How to refer people when they see you all together with the cybernetic?

First, you say: as you are well, you once you stopped worrying — and immediately so many children! And then a minute later: “Oh, no, we wouldn’t want that, it’s so hard!”. I remember how scary it was when I hatched, I could not imagine what kind of future awaits us, it seemed to me that to cope even with twins is incredibly difficult, and then just four! But I was alone. And together with my husband, my loved ones we survived the first difficult years after their birth. Now life we have established. When I look at them, as they are in such a beautiful suit — the boys in ties, the Ira in smart dress — perform at school concerts, singing, dancing, I have tears rolling down my cheeks from happiness. And if you asked me if I want history repeat itself, I would, without hesitation, replied: “Yes, of course!”. Not imagine and would not want us to have fewer children.


According to the twin club. “Double happiness”, the country is extremely rare quadruplets born: over the last��e ten years gave birth to quadruplets occurred 2 to 5 times a year by the total number of births to 1.8–1.9 million In 2016 to 1.8 million births in Russia there were only two of the quadruplets, a year earlier to 1.9 million — five of these genera. A normal pregnancy lasts 38-40 weeks; the twins usually deliver before 36 weeks, triplets — up to a maximum of 32 weeks, and cybernetic — up to 30 weeks.