Pandemic coronavirus disrupted traditional procedure of final exams, not only in schools but also in universities. In a former life students were to pass final examinations, since the first half of may and the end of the month this process smoothly flows into graduation. But this year this will not happen. The course of the epidemic requires a regime of self-isolation. And universities need urgently to decide how to be with the state examinations in the new reality.

high school graduation examinations are already on the nose, but the centralized solution the Ministry of education about how to introduce them in the context of pandemic, there is no. And, apparently, will not. It seems that Putin has left many decisions to the discretion of regional authorities, which on the ground know best what action to take, based on the current situation, the Ministry will leave for universities the solution to the problem of final examinations.

If we leave aside those who have not taken any decision and is still waiting for instructions “from above”, the Russian universities have moved in two ways. The main part will be to take the final examination online. But someone refused gosov at all.

One of the first the fate of the state examinations decided MSU University. On 6 April, the rector signed the order on carrying out the state final certification of the current year in distance learning format. Here are just students, this decision was not pleased. Graduates have started collecting signatures for the complete abolition gosov. And their main thesis was as follows: “exams in distance format has a number of significant difficulties that could affect the quality of the responses. The student and the teacher may not be required for the examination technique, and the speed of the Internet to be insufficient. In this situation, the examination process will be repeatedly interrupted or even will be ripped off. In addition, there is currently no proven mechanisms for monitoring cheating during the exams in the online form that essentially turns the process of verification of knowledge.” Under these circumstances, the administration of Moscow state University can meet students and teachers, abolishing final examinations.

a Graduate who protests against the exam that provides the ability to write off is undoubtedly a new trend in the development of national education. But at MSU, starts the biggest restructuring in which several dozen departments will be converted in half a dozen academic schools. And amid inevitable in this context of difficulties students may be able to succeed.

Precedents, as found “MK”, is. So, in the Higher school of Economics the decision to cancel gosov – the envy of other graduates of Russian universities has been made at the sociological faculty, and a number of other areas of training. Odhowever, the vast majority of universities translate their finals online.

Someone like say, MIPT, or MEPhI, do it under the with its never-sleeping eye of proctoring is a special surveillance system for participants in the exam that can identify cheaters. But it is inconvenient and students are deprived of the opportunity to look into the spur, and universities, forced capital to invest in carrying out such examinations. Therefore, most universities prefer the online exam without much technical undertakings: namely, a simple conversation of a student with the Commission via video link.

so, for example, will hold final examinations at the Moscow psycho-pedagogical University and Moscow city pedagogical Institute.

– I don’t think we so closely monitor the students during the exam, – said the “MK” associate Professor MGPI Tatyana Apostolova. I don’t know how the techies, but we, in the Humanities, you can handle this question through the wording of the questions. I just now are tests for the 3rd course, and trying to lay in the formulation of the balance of time to the answers, and the cheating was not enough. Gosy, of course, is another matter. But I think that this method is applicable there.

But that said, the Pro-rector for professional education Moscow state University of psychology and education Angela Drobyazko :

– State examinations and defence of graduation qualification work in conditions of high alert will take place using distance technology via videoconference. So a procedure for the state final examination (GIA) with the help of videoconferencing, which describes the technical requirements and the detailed procedure of the GIA conducted a trial of video conferencing for testing this form of the state exam. The order now under discussion in the faculties, institutes of the University, including student Council and graduate education.

an Important limitation is the technical capacity of the parties to the GIA (students and members of the state examination Commission). The requirements are somewhat different than for regular classes in a webinar format, for example, web-camera, mounted the student should demonstrate both the student and the surface of the table. The missing equipment to participants of the GIA (students and members of the state examination Committee) will be provided by the University.

In Ranepa, told the “MK” Vice-rector Maxim Nazarov, “the final decision on the format of state examinations in the framework of the final certification is still pending. We have a lot of branches, the different state examinations and the conditions in the regions. We are now working with faculties and technical specialists, our ability to ensurestatement of delivery of graduation examinations in distance learning format. Just note that all considered from the point of view of ensuring of normal conditions for students.”

Well, MIIT, as reported in the press service, hope for the best:

– the exams and the graduation is traditionally held in may and June. I hope we will be able to enter the mode, and everything will be normal. If this happens, then additional measures will be taken. Work on the preparation of theses will be conducted remotely. Importantly, the paper has been prepared at a high professional level and demonstrated those competencies that received by students during training and practice.

MEANWHILE. “the exam will continue,- said at the Moscow International educational salon on April 28, the acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev. But if necessary we will move the time. With the rectors we talked about this – they maintain that there is no alternative”.