the German Authorities for several months, continue to effectively confront the pandemic coronavirus. That allows the country to keep the level of infection and the mortality rate at a lower level than other developed countries?

Germany from the beginning of a global pandemic coronavirus remains one of the world leaders in the efficiency of countering the spread of COVID-19. That helps the government of Angela Merkel successfully authorities of other States to fend off infection, why political apathy is important for disease and what Germany sees the main risks in the near future, understood the authors of the newspaper the Wall Street Journal. Forbes chose the most interesting abstracts from the material of colleagues.

According to statistics from the Johns Hopkins University, as of Saturday, may 2 in Germany identified 164 197 cases COVID-19 — this is the sixth in the world. The level of mortality from the disease in the country is extremely low compared to other major States of Europe: 6572 all fatal cases in Germany mean figure of 79 deaths per 1 million inhabitants. For comparison, in Italy the same indicator — 463 death in France, — 364, the US — 191.

the increase in the number of reported cases in Germany is reduced from the beginning of April. From the peak at 6559 new cases per day dropped to 1,478 as at April 30, follows from the statistics of the Robert Koch Institute.

Outstanding performance Germany the more valuable that made up their country is a small “quarantine” blood — especially against the background of neighbors, a local industrial enterprises and offices worked throughout the five-week “lockdown,” when were schools closed, stores of commodities and restaurants.

However, too early to relax: in a speech before Parliament last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed that even the slightest error in the relaxation of quarantine measures, which began in the country a few days earlier, threatens a new outbreak of the disease. Germany remains on “thin ice”, stated the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

the Authorities are closely monitoring the increase in daily mortality from COVID-19: if on 29 March, the figure was only 0.7%, while April 30 has already reached 3.8 percent. It is associated with the “ageing” base cases: the first was in Germany, cases were brought into the country by young people who spent vacation in ski resorts Italy and Austria.

to be effective Germany also helps quality decentralized health care system. The country became a pandemic with the rate of 34 intensive care beds per 100 000 inhabitants: it was twice that of France and three times — in the UK and Italy. Comparable levels oennosti hospitals could boast only of the United States. Germany even agreed to take about 200 patients from other countries — to the local budget at a cost of $21.7 million.

Germany is also actively engaged in the diagnosis of morbidity in the country held more than 2 million tests — an indicator per capita here is twice higher than even in the United States. And it is here that the government has already announced its intention to expand its power infrastructure to test from 900,000 to 4.5 million tests in a week.

Antiviral strategy German easy to learn at the level of individual administrative lands. For example, earth Baden-württemberg industrial center in the South of the country where working, for example, plants of Daimler and Porsche and live 11 million people. On the area resulted in one of the first outbreaks of the disease in Germany. But the local administration which is a coalition of representatives of different parties, for the time forgetting about political strife, quickly converted into the patients from COVID-19 160 clinics. In their depths was quickly developed tests to diagnose coronavirus. And 3000 civil servants have been thrown on the identification and isolation of all contacts of cases.

Helped and the industry: for example, the Porsche through the Chinese partner helped the authorities to agree to supply in Baden-württemberg of masks and other personal protective equipment.