the Minister reminded that Russia should enter the top ten leading countries in quality of education.

– We need to restore order in the field of teacher training and retraining, he said.

in addition to enter in “ten”, regions need to objectively carry out evaluation procedures – CDF, DGE, EGE.

Another challenge – the return of educational work in schools. This bill, introduced by the President, has approved in three readings by the state Duma and the Federation Council.

– we are not Talking about an additional bureaucratic load, we are talking about organizing a large project on the education of our students. In this part we prepare a new project, which will provide financial implementation of this law, – said Sergey Kravtsov.

Since September 2020, schools will need to gradually develop and implement work programs education. And from September 1, 2021 implementation of the work programs will be mandatory for all educational institutions.

it is Also planned to implement a regional project on Digital learning environment (TSOs). According to the Minister, transition to remote the format was a forced measure, and “we are not talking about the replacement of traditional classical training on the remote, and the fact that the TSOs to assist the school in traditional learning”. It is planned that on September 1 of the school return to a traditional format.

learn how to change the system of secondary vocational education, said the first Deputy Minister of education Dmitry Glushko. According to him, the success of innovations in the SPO depends on the pedagogical and managerial personnel.

– this year, refresher training should be held no less than 5 thousand people in 120 competencies, – said Dmitry Glushko. – Until 2024 refresher training should be at least 35 thousand people, including at least 10 thousand of them will be certified as experts of WorldSkills.

Deputy Minister of education Victor basiuk talked about how to work teaching.

One of the most important areas is the formation of a holistic educational space of the regions of interaction of state bodies of management of pedagogical and educational organizations: this pedagogical universities and colleges, and training institutes, he said. – We have developed a map of the interaction of teacher training institutions with regions.

we Also plan to upgrade the infrastructure of special schools and kindergartens. In 2020, the project included 130 schools from 81 of the region.

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