Life in the suburbs is almost back to his usual form. The region has earned a summer veranda cafe, opened hair salons and food shops, many people went to work. In addition, resumed in the passenger transport, where the returned payment cards. But, unfortunately, to joyful events and added a spoon of tar in the region has returned to serious traffic jams.

according to the Ministry of transport of the region, since the beginning of this week all buses, trams and trolleybuses moved to schedule a work day. 18.06.2020 G. ridership on routes of public transport of the Moscow region increased by 28% compared to the same period last week. On the morning of June 18, the buses made 424 thousand trips. In General, the number of people in public transport in the region is increasing daily. Thus, compared to early March the transport of the Moscow region passenger traffic decreased by 45%.

Social distance, residents of the suburbs are trying to keep everywhere. In the shops, have opened coffee shops and restaurants as take-out, as informed citizens, people stand in a queue through the meter. The gloves also you can observe the majority of visitors to Department stores, and masks so all in all. A similar trend can be observed in public transport.

So, at the stations of trains you can easily buy both kinds of personal security. However, inside the trains correctly use personal protective equipment not all. For example, someone wears a mask on the face, but moves from the nose and someone holds her on the chin. According to psychologists, a careless attitude to the rules is due to two causes: a misunderstanding of the danger of being in a public place without protection and as such the lack of punishment for it. Meanwhile, doctors remind that a mask must be worn in areas with large concentrations of people, and it needs to close its mouth and nose.

In ground transportation in the area the story is quite different. But there are additional pitfalls. So if earlier in the period of high alert to pay the driver could only use the card “Arrow”, now fit absolutely any method of payment. The most dangerous of them epidemiologists consider cash. The representative of who reported The Telegraph on this issue: “We know that money often change owners, collecting all sorts of bacteria, viruses and the like. Therefore, banknotes need to keep away from individuals and handing them to the cashier, to wash my hands. It is best to pay contactless”.

the Best way to pay if you do not have a special transport card of Moscow region, is personal Bank card. An added bonus can be a variety of events. For example, until 30 June 2020 d��rately contactless card “the World” of any Bank will be able to travel to surface transport region at a discount. To save money on travel residents and visitors of all the cities of the Moscow region can in municipal buses, trolley buses and trams, as well as a commercial public transport (buses) equipped with devices for accepting contactless Bank cards. Paying national payment card one-touch holder card “the World” will receive a discount for travel in the amount of 7 rubles.

Another popular way to explore the region you can call a taxi. But there is a significant disadvantage, despite quite loyal to the price aggregators (the trip within a small city near Moscow is an average of 100-200 rubles), if you ride every day to work and back, in the end, will result in a large sum of money. In terms of difficulties with finances after leaving the house, this factor is very important for the residents.

In the end, what movement would you choose, epidemiologists advise not to forget about elementary safety rules. Wear a mask, wash your hands and decontaminate your items of frequent use.