In a post on the social network Facebook he said that it was brought up so that the boundaries were established in the process of communication, but stressed that this does not excuse his actions.

“without justifying myself, I ask me to understand the boundaries of bodily integrity, for me, remained at the level of 2000-ies, when we considered these harassment cute game,” he said. Lobkov said that never used violence, blackmail or position for harassment, and not resorted to violence, alcohol or moral pressure.

The moderator acknowledged that “came a new ethic, with its new definitions of bodily limits,” and he continued risky to joke about these topics, did the colleagues of dubious compliments, and hinted at intimacy. According to the journalist, he believed that it does not pass the boundaries of conventional flirting.

“I sincerely apologize to all whom my frivolous behavior caused discomfort and who had the courage now to talk about it publicly, anonymously or under a pseudonym,” wrote a leading. Lobkov also apologized to the user and the subscribers of the TV channel “Rain”. “Let them decide my fate,” he concluded.

Earlier allegations of harassment made by the correspondent of “MBH Media” Alexander Skrylnikov. According to him, the pubic hair during the internship was trying to kiss him, touch his hands, was invited home and tried to convince him in orientation. The journalist added that such cases of harassment were with other young journalists.

Lobkova was accused of sexual harassment to male

Behavior Lobkova began to discuss on the social network Twitter after a few stories about abuse and harassment by men to women. Mostly the accusations concerned former or current members of the media.