Launching projects for service apartments under the management of famous hotel brands — a sustainable global trend over the past few years, seized including Moscow. “We have quite a large experience of implementation of similar projects in the United States, Turkey and several European countries, which we are now actively used in the Russian capital,”— said managing partner of an international development company ANT Development Guven Dundar.Captains of industry gostepriimstva the turn of this format has long won the hearts and trust of buyers. For example, the famous Waldorf Astoria is one of the most luxurious and famous hotels in new York. It was he 20 years ago became the world’s first luxury project offering regular service, along with other innovations secured the building the status of a trend setter in providing a luxurious place to rest and permanent residence. Experience Waldorf Astoria had a huge impact on the development of the hotel industry in General. Two historic buildings United by a corridor for a long time was considered the largest hotel complex in new York, which occupied an entire city block of Manhattan. In the beginning of the last century on its place was erected the skyscraper “Empire state building”. Two years later, a little North from the old place was built a new 47-story hotel under the same name. At the time of opening it was the tallest hotel in the world.Today, service apartments are a key segment of the elite market in new York since the advent of the first such projects, such as The Sherry-Netherland and The Carlyle. In the early 2000-ies there has been a resurgence of large service cooperative homes, a particularly important step was the opening of The Residences at Mandarin Oriental in 2003. For 15 years, a similar proposal emerged in the popular niche in the premium and luxury market in new York. Previously, such projects were historically grouped in premium neighborhoods in the Upper East side and Midtown, while the new hotels are spread in the main business part of the city. The largest concentration of serviced apartments in Dubai are counted in Knight Frank. The main operators here is a Kerzner International, The Address, The W, Jumeirah and Bvlgari, and the market in Dubai, which overlook the resort formats like Palm Jumeriah and urban concept, close to Downtown Dubai and Financial centre (DIFC). Service apartments have become in Dubai the same common as the numerous 5-star hotels. Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences located at Palm Jumeirah right next to the iconic Atlantis The Palm, offers 2-, 3 – and 4-bedroom apartments, penthouses and garden apartments. This project is an exclusive design and an excellent specific characteristics on the ocean and skyscrapers. Infrastructure of the complex includes swimming pools, private beaches, gourmet restaurants and famous chefs, as well as a fitness centre and Spa complex, equipped with the latest technology. “The expansion of the sector for the most part occurred in the last decade— says Andrey Solovyev, the Director of the Department of elite real estate Knight Frank.— Until mid-1980-ies it was weakly developed until the moment when the Four Seasons opened a cooperative residential building next to their hotel in Boston. This demonstrated the success of the model, after which the hotel group Aman in 1988 launched the concept with the Amanpuri resort area on the island of Phuket in Thailand. A significant milestone in the development segment was the opening in 2011, Mandarin Oriental apartments in London, which has set a new benchmark for luxury serviced apartments”.In the Russian capital, such projects began to appear relatively recently, not only changing the usual formats in the real estate market, but also making qualitative changes in the urban environment. “Now on sale in the capital market of real estate is just five such projects, two of them are already functioning. The demand for apartments of this format demonstrates positive dynamics despite the fact that they are represented in the high price segment”, emphasizes Ian Machalova, commercial Director of ANT Development. Basically, these projects with a combination of formats of hotel and residential functions in the Russian capital located in the business and Central areas of the city, the expert adds. Profitable maloinvazivnaya attractiveness of such facilities is, according to the market participants as growing interest from buyers to the format of the proposal — a hybrid of hotel and residential apartments, and effective management of the facility — it was originally created with the participation of professional operators, who will manage it. Thus, the results of a study conducted by Knight Frank, the record for the number of transactions in the first three months of 2020 in the Moscow market of elite new buildings has become a complex of luxury apartments premium “bow 9”. Such attention buyers, including investors in this project is due to its interesting concept based on the combination of format of residential apartments with high quality service, is characteristic of expensive luxury hotels, as well as with the possibilities of high profitability at optimum investment. It is worth noting that the developer “bow 9” in fact, each project seeks to introduce international experience and best practices, rucas for the quality and level of service. “The complex “Poklonnaya 9″ is really very good indicators of investment attractiveness”,— says Soloviev. The highest yield, in the opinionYu expert, achieved through the synergy of a sophisticated concept of the project and effective management. In ANT Development, in particular, predict the yield by the time of completion of the apartment complex “Poklonnaya 9” up to 40%. “Investing in a flat or apartment from a reliable Builder especially is now becoming a logical step for many investors. The pandemic coronavirus the national currency and stock markets are unstable, changing the taxation of large deposits. Against this background, the estate remains a safe haven for the preservation and enhancement of capital”,— said güven Dündar, managing partner of ANT Development. Recall that the new object with the premium service luxury of the hotel “bow 9” on Kutuzov Avenue implements an international company ANT Development. It is the flagship of the Moscow real estate development project, part of the Ant Yapi, which was built in Russia about 10 million sqm of real estate as a General contractor. Now in Moscow the developer implements two objects: SOHO+NOHO, the construction of which is already coming to an end, and “bowing 9” — the start of sales it was in the fourth quarter of 2019. Another luxury project — Victory Park Residences on the street of brothers of Fonchenko — soon also will be released in the exhibition. In addition to residential apartments in newly built residential complex “Poklonnaya 9” will house a 5-star hotel managed by an international operator with its own recreational infrastructure, which will be available to permanent residents of the complex: restaurants, Spa and 25-metre infinity pool. Infrastructure and hotel rooms will occupy the first 7 floors and the 8th to 32nd floor will feature residential apartments and penthouses with terraces. Transport accessibility is provided by the proximity to Kutuzovsky prospect and Third transport ring, as well as walking accessibility of metro station “Park Pobedy”. Here, in the heart of Sochi, near the Park on Poklonnaya hill is located the capital’s iconic arc de Triomphe and Museum complexes.As well as once the legendary Waldorf Astoria, today this object breaks down stereotypes in projects that are usually associated with the elite class and Deluxe, and changes the geography of the development, rushing towards the new prestigious areas of the capital. “For many centuries Moscow has been renewed, acquiring the characteristics of constructivism, classicism, Gothic, Baroque and Russian modernist architecture. Succumbing to the influence of the past on current reality, stunning arches hotel is a continuation of the individuality of the city, they brought the “face” in addition to its protective function. Through Windows and arches device hotel up to expression; the attractiveness and authenticity of the fabric history of the Moscow are strengthened by the fact that the house and Kutuzovsky Avenue connects the Park of Victory. P��before creates value for the society, being also a relevant example of improvement — and in terms of a style decision, and its scale,”— said the architect of the hotel part of the complex “Poklonnaya 9” Murat Tabanlioglu, partner Tabanlolu Architects.Architecture in quadricarinatum the concept of the residential part of the apartment complex “Poklonnaya 9” developed by Metex is a leading design Bureau in the portfolio, which includes dozens of completed projects around the world. The overall architectural style of the complex can be defined as Stalinist Empire style, which combined the luxury, grandeur and monumentality of the architecture of Moscow and the iconic skyscrapers of Chicago and new York. Moscow project, inspired by the atmosphere of the world’s cities are rising to the sky skyscrapers, organically resonates with located just across the river the skyscrapers of the “Moscow-city”.The main characteristics of the facility:the complex is designed:for sale:LTD. is a Specialized developer of the “bow”With project Declaration can be found on the website