Reporter Aify visited covedale and asked infectious disease specialists and nurses, where they take the strength and courage to treat the infected COVID-19.

city hospital № 8, Chelyabinsk began taking patients with coronavirus first in the region. Now here lies 36 patients with confirmed disease.

“Very, very hot — nurse Garifuna mukhamediarova, which everybody here calls ghoul, clothed in the costume of the protection of the first type to go on calls. — It is now warmer, get naked — sweat in the body flows like streams. We glasses with the back of the soap economic smear, so they don’t fog up. And a single millimeter of open body! Only then can you say that you are protected from the virus”.

the Infectious disease clinic, where people are infected with coronavirus, is located some distance from other buildings of the hospital. Behind the fence — the old homes, shops, employment service. Rare passers-by basically just go here, to the hospital. Ahead of me the man in the mask, screaming into the phone: “Go. I’ll go to the balcony”.

On the street 25. This may day in the southern Urals — the first warm. I would like to walk, to breathe the air. But not quarantine.

Around the body grow shrubs and flowers. Stand alone benches. Budding leaves on the trees, birds chirping. In the eye catches a child’s drawing, affixed to a tree nearby. The inscription on it: “Thanks to the doctors!”. A child’s hand placed the man in a blue gown and mask, which pulls the patient from the clutches of the round ball with spikes — coronavirus. Next to another picture with the same theme.

the Housing where sick with coronavirus, the old buildings and the whole hospital. Inputs and outputs in a set.

a few doors there are boxes that contain patients COVID-19. They are all marked with labels: “Danger”, “do Not enter”.

Man, that caught me on the road, talking to a patient infectious, with his head up. The girl went to the balcony. The worried man asks if she is not in contact with the “crown”. The patient is calm: “They are in the pits, we’re not Dating”. “This infection is so clingy, says the visitor. — Look there carefully. We all are not immortal. Though I’m afraid.”

to be around the body is psychologically difficult. Scared to even open the door to see if maybe the virus on the pen?

Irina Pavlyukevich do something head of clinic at the same hospital. But she is infectious disease physician. And is in hospital with coronavirus patients, as all physicians in this specialty. somebody shift is on duty, somebody all the time leads covid-patients. We’re talking in the infectious Department of the hospital: in the “red zone” entry to outsiders is strictly prohibited.

“Scared? — ask the doctor. — Not afraid to get infected?”.

“I fear for patients — recognized Pavlyukevich. — Will you be able to help those who have comorbidities — diabetes, heart, obesity, old age? For yourself once no. We all wear protective suits, we need to know how to dress and undress”.

All the costumes for work with infected COVID-19, which we used to call anti-plague or “space” refer to the costumes of the first type. Infectious disease hospitals and nurses in contact with patients, have learned the algorithm, how to put on and take off. Yes, remove some more art: when the doctor is clothed in the outfit, he helps another, one who is near, but does not go in the box to the patient. Remove the same protection necessarily himself: otherwise the meaning is lost, the virus could be in the hands of the helper.

the nurse Garifuna Mukhamedyarova will go to contact kovido. She takes tests those who returned from the epidemic-prone countries or had contact with patients with confirmed diagnosis. Some of them COVID-19 was conrmed. Then, the nurse runs the risk of no less than doctors in the hospital.

Hermetically to dress in costume the girl helps physician infectious disease office, and Pavlyukevich talks about the intricacies of “putting on”, which sometimes really depends on the life: “rubber Boots that you after contact to go to a special room and immediately process them directly in a bucket with a solution to put. In Gulu now suit disposable. There are reusable. It is important that the doctor or nurse was able to undress yourself. Therefore, there is a rule: the bows from the gown, the neck and the waist — always on the left. Everything has to be honed to automatism. This happens consistently: certain parts are placed in the right places for disinfection”.

Garifuna — a slender young girl. In the suit she literally sinking. When tied Bathrobe, admits: to be in the protection suit is insanely hot. And it needs to move, to go in a narrow stuffy ambulance work. Face mask with respirator. Glasses are worn as tight as possible hermetically. They push, leave traces on the skin.

To avoid dropped gloves, the first couple to the sleeves of her costume are fixed with adhesive tape. On top is the second pair of gloves. But that’s not all: after contact with each patient, the medic must dispose of the gloves, and when dealing with others — to wear new. So ghoul on every call clothes the third pair of gloves.

Doctors at different bypass chambers-boxes you can’t be in the same suit. Every time the medic returned from the “red zone” takes in accordance with the rules of a suit, submits to disinfection or utiliz��tion, is dressed in clean clothes. You have to go to bypass — all the steps are repeated. When the doctor came out of the box, but the patient became worse and he complained, the infectious disease doctor re-dresses and goes to re-examination.

If an ambulance carries the patient, the doctor has some time to prepare for the meeting. That is again, to dress in a protective suit. After the change, before you go home, shower and change into his clothes.

Pavlyukevich says, patients mostly know that we are here for a reason. The seriousness of the disease, the most aware perfectly. So no tantrums “let me go home!” was not there. Relatives bring patients treats and it is allowed. But that can be taken in Boxing, there are limitations: it is only those items at the time of discharge to be disposed of or processed by special trains. So take Boxing expensive mobile phone is risky: we’ll have to part with it. A cheap phone for calls or disposed of, or protect the surface with a special compound and return. Many take a book. In the wards quiet, sick read or sleep. Doctors without telephones, communicating by walkie-talkies.

No patient with COVID-19, held that office, died. This is the pride and joy of physicians. They do not consider themselves heroes. Irina Pavlyukevich recognizes that, as we all do, dreaming of when it will end, remove the mask. And yet — to leave with a family in the mountains. According to the infectious diseases in our country, the low mortality and the low percentage of infected — the result of a well-built care and separation of people. Infectious disease agrees with the opinion of the majority of colleagues: probably, approximately in the middle of summer you can expect coronavirus attack will be leaving us.