Actor Stas Sadalsky told why 15 years not communicating with Larisa Udovichenko


Publish from Stas Sadalsky? (@stassadal) 1 May 2020 2:20 PDT

On the occasion of the 65th anniversary Udovichenko Sadalsky remembered them Udovichenko linked long-term friendship: they had known each other since childhood, their mothers were friends. Later, they starred together in seven films for many years played in a repertory company and toured extensively.

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The cause of the disorder has become a bad joke Stas Sadalsky in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Udovichenko.

“I Remember, in 2005, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Larissa with her on this occasion was invited to Good morning on the First. I then went live and said, “don’t ask me about the anniversary! Larik in epilepsy is beating, afraid to even think about this figure…,” recalled Sadalsky.

According to him, that day “Larisa decided to take offense to as much as 15 years.”

“Our life has long flowing along different tracks, Larissa is still young and beautiful, and they say that soon grandma will be. Probably, all that is done, all the best?” – written by the artist.

Earlier, I wrote “the Rambler”, Stas Sadalsky said that the show “Secret on a million” directed from beginning to end. According to him, the tricky questions are discussed in advance with a star guest, and he, in turn, does not receive the promised amount, but only part of it.