a Blogger from Tik-Tok said, as Gosha Kutsenko called her to the hotel for “half an hour”. Despite the refusal, the actor continued to insist that the invitation has nothing to do with “sex tourism” and that he just wants to meet. Kutsenko also gave permission to publish correspondence. The girl stressed that in no way blaming the artist, and thus “enlighten” the audience.

Videoblogger with nick aliin.b reported in Tik-Tok about the failed meeting with actor Gosha Kutsenko. According to her, he wrote her and offered to meet in a cafe, but at the appointed time he changed his mind and called to her hotel for “half an hour”.

“I tried to get him somewhere in a bar, a restaurant, but he refuses — for it is pale. I understand that this actor had me some plans, told the blogger. — A small note: he is 50 years old, he has a wife and three children.”

The girl refused to go in the room to the artist. In response, he, in her words, began to “manipulate” for the next four hours.

“And you definitely do not want us?”, “There is so much fun, delicious”. But the most disgusting was the message: “Here is so delicious.” I mean, seriously, to come and change your mind, he wrote: “Here is good,” she added.

After blogger explained to the actor that “no means no”. However, Kutsenko went on to insist, arguing that he just wanted to meet. According to him, it was not about “sex tourism”. “You can decide to believe it or not”, — concluded the aliin.b.

As evidence she introduced fragments of correspondence and a video screen on which account Kutsenko confirmed by the blue check mark. In addition, aliin.b assured that Kutsenko allowed her to publish his messages. However, judging by the screenshots, he asked why. However, in the description of a video blogger stressed that in no way blames the actor. The purpose of her story is to “educate” the audience.

Previously a fan of “Vulgar Molly” told about the harassment of its leader, Cyril Pale. In 2017 the musician after the concert and asked her to walk, then they were alone, and then he began to molest her.

“When I was 17 [years old], I went to the concert of my idol, of course, I was in seventh heaven, but I was even more struck by the fact that he wrote to me and called walking, — said the girl. — As the saying goes, nothing foretold troubles. I think many would agree, since idols are not bad and do something that can put a big imprint in your life and to violate the child’s psyche. What you can’t say almost three years.”

As evidence that the meeting was indeed Pale, the girl provided their correspondence, screen video and photos together. The pale girl compared with someone of the main characters of the novel “Pamela” Samuel Richardson, a nobleman, pursuing and trying to seduce the maid. Based on the descriptions of that evening,

in response to harassment she slapped a performer, but he hit her in response, and then sent home in a taxi.

He is Pale in Instagram-stories denied the allegations: “This is the maximum controversial history of three years ago is not worth a damn, and I’m surprised that so many believed in it and accepted as fact.”

Pale assured subscribers that they can be calm for his fans. He agreed that it is impossible to believe blindly to idols, but asked listeners “to always understand to begin with the situation.”