The irish midfielder James McClean has once again ended up in violation headwind.

He thought for sure that he was joking, but the perception among the recipients is quite different.

It is in a post on Instagram, to Stoke-star sitting in front of his two children with the headgear ‘balaclava’, where everything except the eyes and mouth are covered.

To the picture he has written, ‘today’s history-teaching’ with clear reference to the IRA, the irish republican army, originally fought against the british supremacy.

Shortly after the picture was posted online, went users to the keys and demanded a sequel from his club Stoke.

“How have you thought you to respond when your player puts an image with the call for violence up on his Instagram profile?,” write the user Sandra for example.

And she didn’t have long to get his answer.

Stoke City has responded promptly and allocated to James McClean, a fine of two weeks ‘ salary, write English BT Sport.

Since James McClean deleted the image again and apologized with the words:

“I wanted never to offend, but realize now that I did, so I apologise for unreservedly. I have spoken with the club and want to delete my Instagram profile,” he says in a message on the club’s website.

As mentioned, it is not the first time that James McClean has come in the media to poke the unfortunate.

In 2015, he was hated for mocking the national anthem. Read more about the case here.