MOSCOW, 30 Jul – RIA Novosti. You must comply with rules that the state imposed to combat the epidemic, so it is including protects human values, freedom and lives of people, said RIA Novosti syreeta-Lama (Abbot) of the St. Petersburg datsan Buda Badmaev.

on Tuesday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during a meeting on combating the spread of coronavirus in the regions of the Russian Federation said that human life was given over and is an absolute value. Speaking about the fight against coronavirus and mode of self-isolation, he stressed that personal freedom cannot be above the interests and freedoms of others. The President also noted that the philosophy of love for man “helped us to survive for centuries”, and the values of mutual reciprocity and solidarity are the main pillar of Russian statehood. These values, according to the President, received “together with the Orthodox Church” and are the basis of other religions of the peoples of Russia – Islam, Buddhism, Judaism.

“Described the case as a well-known doctor of Tibetan medicine Peter Badmaev in the Russian Empire defeated the epidemic: the soldiers were not allowed out of the village one till the doctor has cured all infected. We are all in the same boat and must abide by the rules offered by the state in the fight against the epidemic,” said Buda Badmaev.

According to him, the birth of man, and his freedom is important in Buddhism, but “freedom of conscious, not anarchy.”

“the state protects the rights and freedoms of a person and including the spiritual laws: do not kill, steal, and so on. So it saves human values. If these rules will not be of the state and society,” concluded the Lama.