Strawberry farmers in Germany are currently in a difficult situation. On the one hand, they can look forward to very high yields due to the weather. On the other hand, however, demand is comparatively low. As the WDR reports, some farmers are now destroying parts of their harvest for economic reasons.

Because of the good harvest, the strawberry price is currently very low. There is hardly any money to be made when selling to supermarkets and discounters. Andreas Rahmann, a farmer from the Münsterland region, would currently receive around one euro for 500 grams of strawberries – a loss-making business. The problem here is also cheap strawberries from Spain or the Netherlands.


If Rahmann sells the fruit himself, he gets 4.50 euros for the same amount. Unlike in previous years, however, many consumers are no longer willing to drive to the country to buy strawberries directly from farmers due to inflation and high fuel prices.

Rahmann will now mow his fields. Instead of strawberries, corn will soon be growing there. The farmer hopes that the field will bring in at least a little money this year.

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