MOSCOW, April 30. /TASS/. Russia has taken advantage of the time gained in the battle against the novel coronavirus, expanding the national healthсare system’s capacities over several weeks, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday.”The situation in Russia is, indeed, better than in some European countries because Russia has managed to use the time advantage of several weeks to expand the healthcare system’s capabilities,” the Russian presidential spokesman stressed.Commenting on the latest data on coronavirus cases in Russia, the Kremlin spokesman explained the growth by the epidemiological situation around the world. “You are asking why the number of infected persons is growing? It is growing due to the pandemic, due to the global pandemic,” Peskov said.As the Kremlin spokesman underscored, “in order to halt this growth, for a start, and then bring this trend into negative figures, the most energetic measures are being taken both in the federal center and in each separate region.”The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Russia surpassed 100,000 on Thursday, the anti-coronavirus crisis center reported.A total of 7,099 new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Russia over the past twenty-four hours, which is the highest figure since the infection onset in the country. The total number of coronavirus patients in Russia has reached 106,498.The daily growth in the number of infected people accelerated to 7.1% compared to 6.24% on Wednesday but still remained among the lowest rates over the entire period of the coronavirus spread in the country. This growth has stayed below 10% for the ninth consecutive day.Today there is an average of 72.6 infection cases per 100,000 Russian residents compared to 67.7 on Wednesday.Russia has conducted almost 3.5 million coronavirus tests. The United States is the leader by the number of tests (about 6 million). However, Russia outpaces the US by the population’s coverage with testing: 2.4% against 1.8%. Slightly over 3% of the tests conducted in Russia yielded positive results.