Philip, recently publicly complained about the lack of money and need to sell the wardrobe (t-shirts 3000, shirts for 7000 rubles) showed how over time the isolation made the repairs.

He decided to transform her son Martin.

The king of pop put micro roller: the first frame – he stands among the heaps of building materials. A snap of the fingers and the second frame has already been renovated and furnished room.

The room is decorated in beige tones.

“Repair at the moment! Room in just 10 days has changed dramatically! Thank you professionals and masters of their craft for the beauty, immediacy and vivid emotions!”, he wrote in the microblog.

Loving father probably regretted last money. It is reported that only one bed for a Martin costs about a million rubles.

I must say that the room is not like the nursery, rather, it is something from a good hotel room.

“it is Beautiful of course. But the strange style choice for the room of a little boy,” write the fans in the microblog.

The only thing that gives the space personality – rack with soccer balls.

Kirkorov shocked fans

The son of Philip is passionate about football.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, according to Kirkorov, the most expensive thing in his wardrobe — the hoodie, embroidered with biblical frescoes, in which he starred in the music video for “Novels”.

The cost of the hoodie is 280 thousand dollars — about 21 million roubles.

Singer suggested that the outrageous outfits and memorable images is one of the reasons why he “lingered at the scene” for more than 30 years. the

Publish from Philip (@fkirkorov) 30 May 2020 10:49 PDT