In isolation, celebrates his birthday the most in need of communication with their colleagues, the artist, the extrovert to the marrow of guests Philip. The king of pop domestic scene, however, received the most expensive gift for him – he congratulated children: Alla-Victoria and Martin-Christine. Today, they are the students of Junior classes and therefore demonstrated the father of their talents: there were poems, including the English language, and crafts, drawings, postcards and even funny harlequin, which you can pull a string and he waves his leg. Children assured Kirkorov, what he is “wonderful dad” and set the route of their future life together: going to India to ride an elephant. Philip was moved to tears.

as for the colleagues of Philip Kirkorov, then they are not stingy on the congratulations. “Happy birthday!”, – do not forget the former husband of Alla Pugacheva. “All the successes you have his many talents, sleepless life, perseverance and hard work!”, – wrote to his friend Valery Leontiev. “Inspiration hits and creative madness.”, wished Nikolay Baskov. Congratulated Philip, Stas Mikhailov, Kristina Orbakaite, Vladimir Vinokur and many others.

And here Maxim Galkin as a congratulations posted a video from the plane, apparently, a home plan. On it Philip shows the contents of your pocket first aid kits, paying attention to what needs to be instilled into the nose, escaping from a situation when “somebody sneezed in the economy, especially in business class”, as well as advises colleagues with useful tools for better functioning of the gastrointestinal system. Friends advised the king of pop and a drug that has not officially registered, and therefore it can apply only to veterinarians. It is not strange, it is “medicine for dogs” attracted particular interest of others. “To protect themselves and once again be protected, from below and from above!”, – it turns out, has long been taught by fellow man. And as shown by the developments, was right.

“MK” also congratulates Philip Kirkorov happy birthday and wishes him success at all times.