a Russian blogger and TV presenter Anastasia Ivlieva showed an apartment in the Leningrad region, where they still live with her mother and brother. Netizens were horrified by what they saw. They did not expect that the living relatives of the stars will be so modest.

a Week ago on the YouTube channel Ulevoi out the new vlog “Gangster Petersburg”. Among other things, the girl together with his friends visited “the nest” – a small apartment in the village of Razmetelevo in the Leningrad region, where they still live my mother and adult brother blogers.

According to the unanimous opinion of commentators, the state of the room leaves much to be desired. According to Ivlieva, “no, there is no place” — housing and small with narrow corridors. However, the greatest outrage among users of the Network caused have not seen the repair tiny bathroom with poorly functioning heater.

Internet users have rightly noticed that blogger that on YouTube last year earned 57.7 million rubles, could provide their family a decent standard of living.

“Ivleva — all in silks. Mom Ivlieva: living with adult son and bathes in a bath with a tank for heating water, Before, and for me Nastia was performance art, the personification of charisma and originality… And now I see inarticulate chicken-upstart” — outraged commentators.

by the Way, recently Anastasia said that he was going to buy his mother a new home and even saving up for it. However, some fans doubted the truth of her intentions. In the comments Ulevoi reminded of the many gifts her husband LJ and huge spending presenter on the clothes of luxury brands.