…In the blood Center, I was invited to 8 am. In the lobby were already donors: five people at the table filled out questionnaires, as many waited in line at the registry. All very casually. Then they go to donate blood on a preliminary analysis of the visit to the doctor and in the donor room.

my questions answered by the acting chief physician of GBUZ Astrakhan region “Regional blood center” Vladimir Meshcheryakov.

Vladimir, how and why to take blood, it’s always early in the morning?

Vladimir Meshcheryakov: in the Morning, a donation is easier. In addition, there is the temptation to eat something forbidden. But arrive by 8: 00 not necessarily accept up to 12 days.

And I am unable to save someone?

Vladimir Meshcheryakov: When a person donates blood, it is separated into components, one of them – plasma is quarantined, is an additional measure to prevent infection upon subsequent transfusion. After four months of quarantine, the donor is invited to donate blood again. If studies show that it is healthy, the plasma can already go to help people.

in Addition to the plasma in quarantine are also frozen red cells, and platelets. In addition, the safety of blood components is achieved through virusencyclo and leukofiltration is when using special filters of blood components removes almost 99.9% of leukocytes. All this gives us full confidence that in a medical organization, goes totally safe products.

All our refrigerators with blood components are marked with colors: green – the component is tested and can go to a medical organization, and the yellow is a quarantine mode and red – products can not touch it.

Why donors and do not pass the test for coronavirus?

Vladimir Meshcheryakov: Yes, this is not necessary. In addition, worldwide there is no official data on the transmission of coronavirus in the blood. The known route of infection is by airborne droplets: coughing, sneezing, talking, air-dust through the air containing infected the causative agent of liquid particles or dust, and contact: through food, household items. Therefore, we protect the face and hands.

People, I would say, a lot.

Vladimir Meshcheryakov: It is now. But in the early days, when only imposed a regime of isolation, with passes decided there was nothing more, plus canceled public transport, people just could not get to us. And to us around the clock without weekends and holidays from health organizations around the region come machine for blood components. That’s just what the machine is from the Federal center of cardiovascular surgery arrived, they held the open heart surgery, at this time the person is on the heart-lung machine.

we Have the largest stock, there are very rare types of blood. This is a very simplistic understanding that there are four blood types, in fact – more than 200 different subgroups, donors, some of them may be only 1-2 people in the area.

And how do you persuade donors to get out of the house?

Vladimir Meshcheryakov: Issued to donors, invitations, scan and send by e-mail or messengers, they showed it to police when stopped. Appealed to companies, organisations who are allowed to work. We have the experience – in 2008, donors were very few, activists and volunteers of blood donation across the country organizes large festivals and promotions, which allowed me to recover the donation. And then on to the national project us in the blood Center has put the mobile complex of preparation of blood and equipment, we rode it in the districts where they were running a donation campaign, for 50 people a day in this trailer accept. And now the mass events canceled, so donors should be here came to the Center. But, if the pandemic continues, we are again faced with a decrease in the number of donors, so now create the airbag. Plasma we supply annual, but the red blood cells and platelets need to be replenished.

what about the quarantine?

Vladimir Meshcheryakov: the blood Center, we have elevated rehabilitation: the distance between donors are asked to keep 1.5-2 meters, in the donor chamber 18 seats, in a mobile point – five. In all areas – recyclers (bactericidal irradiators. – “RG”), double desirable full of thermometry for all.

Experiment with blood transfusions recover from COVID will help those who are sick right now?

Vladimir Meshcheryakov: experience in the use of immune plasma, Russia has, for example antistaphylococcal plasma. So it is, perhaps, permissible and with the coronavirus, but we need studies like vaccine, a technique in Moscow is fulfilled.