The actor also said that in some respects is now with ex-wives.

Famous Russian actor Marat Basharov again found himself in the epicenter of the scandal. The fact is that the Network is gaining signatures, the petition to deny the actor the title of Honored artist of the Republic of Tatarstan and the State prize of the Russian Federation.

The reason for the emergence of this online document was a candid interview with Marat in “the Secret” one million Lera Kudryavtseva, where he openly admitted to beating their wives: Catherine ancharovoj and Elizabeth Savercool.

The petitioners recalled the bygone days, noting that during those incidents, she was given a closed comminuted depressed fracture of the left nasal bone and traumatic brain injury. And Elizabeth in 2016 – a hand injury. In 2018, the same year the husband broke her nose.

EG/Kudryavtseva Larissa

The authors of the petition are outraged by the fact that the artist still has not been punished, although the Statute of limitations on these cases has expired. Whereas in Western countries the initiators of domestic violence was threatened with a court sentence. Disorder.

Journalists was asked to comment on the petition Marat Basharova.

– it is a Pity that the coronavirus is such a terrible disease, which affects not only the lungs but also the brain some. Sorry, sorry. Well, what to do?

People, apparently, have nothing to do, they go crazy sitting at home. And you need something to do, something to discuss, – said Marat Basharov. – Turn on the TV, and there is also some news about the coronavirus. But here at least some entertainment.

Guys, you gave me this title. The title of honored artist of Tatarstan was handed to me by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and laureate of the state prize of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Therefore, the one who gave may the and deprives.

the – In the broadcast of “a Secret worth millions” you spoke about how it was raised on their wives hand. How difficult is this?

– Of course, difficult. However, this is already long knew, but have long forgotten. It was two years ago. But now it’s kind of boring, and the people came up with their entertainment – to deprive Basharova title.

Tomorrow something else will come up. I sincerely feel sorry for these people. Apparently, they really have nothing to do at home. All programs and films considered, books to read…

EG/Curly Boris

the – do you think if the petition will have a certain number of votes, you can really deprive the titles?

– In our country everything is possible. If these people want to punish me by signing this petition, you do not need. I have long been punished.

After this incident, in 2018, I was deprived of so many works. The Statute of limitations has passed. But apparently, Liudi signing this petition, consider themselves arbiters. God will judge them what they say.

I feel sorry for them because they really have nothing to do. But I went on transfer and opened his soul, told the truth, nothing lied. But apparently, people reacted to it.

I will tell you that one of those messages that I write to Instagram and Facebook, 70% of the reviews are positive. And I am very grateful to these people. But as you know, in a barrel of honey there are the spoon of tar, not without it.

the – do you Communicate with the affected wives?

– With Catherine Ancharovoj I do not communicate. But Elizabeth Savercool – Yes, we have a common child – a son. Again, I repeat that it’s been two years. Apparently, someone doing nothing, once again he raises this topic.

And I can guess who. Let’s revisit the program again before the end, think who benefits from it, and then we will write the petition. Patience my friends, patience.

the – Like coronavirus has affected your creative life?

– I was going to be a lot of projects and surveys, and scheduled performances. We broke touring many cities have canceled performances in Moscow.

But what can you do? Such is the situation, it needs to survive, to recover, to sit at home to this infection is gone. I am sure that the coronavirus we’ll fight, but human stupidity does not fix anything.

CP/Kostenko, Artem

the – Shooting some of your films did not take place because of a pandemic?

– Thank God, we managed to finish the painting called “the fortune Teller 2” . Summer was supposed to begin shooting another film, but I will not yet speak its name because it is a bad omen.

But all that is done, all the better. Have the opportunity to work out of their home. Previously, it was not enough time because all the time work, work, work. And now you can be with the kids, and they’re happy that daddy is almost always there.

We play, sculpt, draw, dance, painting – in General, really shake. It is also the opportunity to work on future projects – to read the script, the play, to rehearse, because work has accumulated a lot.

the – A financial you hurt?

– Of course. And who gets hurt? And since I am single income (wife not working), need to support the child. All suffered, but we must hold on to. To cry is impossible.