The Swiss ice hockey is facing a stress test. The termination of the season will cost the clubs budgeted revenue for the current fiscal year, in addition, the TV Partner for the following season are likely to claim, retroactively, for the participation of the professional clubs for the cancellation of the Playoffs without an audience. The industry is at least in the medium term, lower the brake pedal pressing and the cost. In the crisis the opportunity the industry with been a part of taboo measures healthy zuschrumpfen offers. The structural Problem of Swiss hockey, the Salaries of the professionals. The product is popular, the utilization of the stadiums is generally very good, sponsors, donors and patrons are present, the Marketing portfolios are filled. Only sport to be engulfed in the relevant revenue almost completely from the exorbitant in-game wages. The frequently expressed intention of the clubs, these lower labour costs in a proactive way, turned out to be already in the next transfer period as a propaganda lie.

foreigner quota

two years Ago, the club have confirmed the Gentlemen’s Agreement (4 foreigners per Team). Probably for image reasons. In the current crisis, the rice could have pulled the leash, however, and the market for foreigners will be opened without any further restrictions. Theoretically, it would be sufficient if a single club has terminated the Agreement. A legal basis for this agreement among the clubs never existed. A total Opening of the market for foreigners would be a Revolution, however, there is also no way.

-/the descent

A Farce. The descent scared performs at the club regularly to panic reactions and politically motivated Transfers. A senseless money destruction machine. The eye of the needle “League-qualification” has only in exceptional cases, a regular sporting competition, in the spring of 2019, it was cancelled even at short notice. Interventions of this type in an ongoing competition to damage the credibility of a professional League. The gap between the National and the Swiss League is also deeper, with a rise under competitive conditions more and more unlikely. You want to hold on to the promotion of culture, necessarily, To should you on the absolute permeability with a direct – ascent and descent some.


, A magnification of the League is up for debate, various scenarios are played through. One of them is the “Amnesty for Kloten”, the immediate Promotion of the Zurich tradition club on the green table, and a championship with 13 teams. A majority of this variation is currently not (yet). Possible a direct ascent of the B-master in the next spring, however, while well known problems could (see/descent), they should not be hot Kloten of the B-masters at this time.

the Swiss League

The “ambitious” clubs in the Swiss League put the rise as a major sporting Motivation in the heart, although usually no or at most a club in the National League can rise or want to. In General, the SL clubs do not meet the infrastructural or economic needs, (too) high wages but are paid anyway. At the same time the sporty sensible Academy be criticized constructs, the promotion of young researchers operate, and the overall product in order to aid and abet.

something moves – and that is a good thing

Stephan Roth, a hockey-in-chief

On the ice can not be played. But behind the Scenes something is moving. And that is a good thing.

Regardless of the Corona-crisis, which could make the club in the summer from real problems, if no end is in sight, there are in Swiss football, some of the construction sites.

Although life thanks to an attractive League, TV, spectators and sponsors, such as the fat of the land and could make money, the ice hockey is a minus business. Blame not the players who earn a lot, but the clubs that pay them a lot.

If the clubs are going to spend less money when the foreigner is thrown restriction on Board, may be doubted. Who spends more money than it receives, will continue to drive to afford the best possible – no matter what the cost it.

reason does not prescribe or regulate, as can be observed these days even away from the sports world. Without insight it is not. And should be Mature now, as everybody is aware, that the revenue will decrease rather than increase.

of course, the need for action is the mode. The current practice in promotion and relegation (League-qualification) only brings problems, costs trainers do the Job and a lot of money.

there are currently only 13 clubs, which are structurally the conditions for the National League meet, would be a 13-League is quite reasonable.

Then you would have to Kloten only create, without sporting accident pull up.