New anesthesia and respiratory devices, received the Kuzbass oncologists. Modern equipment allows to reduce the risks of complications during anesthesia during surgery. “The devices have different modes of ventilation and can be adapted to patients with any concomitant diseases, – speaks the chief of Department of anesthesiology and resuscitation No. 1 regional clinical Oncology center Natalya Syrov. – The anesthesiologist better control the whole process”. Modern anesthesia equipment is equipped today with all the operating of the Oncology center in Kemerovo. The same devices recently got a branch in Novokuznetsk and the first city hospital in the city. In the current year for the fight against cancer in the Kuzbass allocated 5,8 billion roubles. Will come to the region more than fifty units of special equipment. In operbloki cancer hospitals have already received ultrasonic harmonic scalpels and digital x-ray machines.

In the Tula regional Oncology dispensary appeared linear accelerator Elekta Infinity. Treatment in the new unit are now over 20 patients with different localization of tumor process. Head of the radiotherapy Department No. 2 regional Oncology center, chief radiologist of Mikhail Bobkov, talking about new hardware, not hide the joy: “This is the most modern machine for external beam radiotherapy. The advantage is that the device allows you to accurately replicate the contours of the tumor, even a very complex shape. Thus we can sum up the radiation to malignant cells and to protect healthy tissue”. Complex purchased for 185 million rubles in the framework of the regional project “Fight against cancer”. The region was formerly a single linear accelerator, but “time does not stand still, the science develops”, and new equipment, according to Mikhail Bobkov, it is not even a step forward – a leap into the future for Oncology.

Oncologists Primorye began treating patients with prostate cancer stage IV with bone metastases. The method is based on the principles of nuclear medicine lies in the fact that the radium, part of the drug, has a very short wavelength and is not toxic to bone marrow and the patient’s blood. “Cancer patients get very extensive treatment. First, they held chemotherapy to influence tumor and metastases, and then, and sometimes parallel to, hormone therapy. For the treatment of radium also has its therapeutic window. Targeted alpha therapy allows to prolong life to patients and improve their quality of life,” says radiation therapist Natalia Fesik. Treatment of patients the doctors are carried out in the departments of radiation therapy and radionuclide diagnostics. Prep��rat is introduced to a patient intravenously once a month for six months. As the specialist, radium destroys the metastases and prevents the appearance of new. The standard dose for injection is calculated using a special formula.

From April Primorye available and molecular genetic DNA studies.

In the Novosibirsk region to the end of the year will open three centers outpatient incommodi, and by 2024 it is planned to build 16 such offices. The four centers launched last year, are already working and taking patients. They appear in areas of the region, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the detection of cancer allows for primary treatment and significantly improves the chances of recovery. “This whole clinical division, which includes advanced diagnostics, – told “RG” the head physician of the Novosibirsk regional clinical Oncology center Oleg Ivaninskaya. – That allows at the stage of primary to differentiate a malignant tumor. If necessary, the patient is directed to the Oncology clinic. But on the basis of the outpatient cancer center for appointment our doctors may be chemotherapy, which eliminates the need for the patient to travel regularly to the regional center for a routine procedure.”

Specialists of Oncology center say that patients, outpatient centers come to them with the results of the survey, and hence, at the first appointment, the doctor may prescribe further treatment, to determine the action for the most favorable outcome. According to Oleg Ivaninskaya, this trend is justified, today, doctors in the region the way we see cancer care. “Doctors and patients understand that cancer now is not a death sentence, especially if it is detected in the early stages, he said. – Have been working in the health care system and I see that in recent years the state allocates for medicine huge money. This has never happened before. And today the Russian treatment scheme coincide with the most effective international practices”.

New specialized Department for invasive diagnostics was opened in the Sverdlovsk regional Oncology center. Thousands of patients will now be able without additional visits to hospital, domiciliary, and long appointments to specialists pass in one place a comprehensive survey. For a full screening of one patient will take about a week. The complex of the newest equipment concentrated in one place, will help to clarify the histological structure of malignant tumors, and to determine the degree of damage of the body. Still for residents of remote towns and villages, such surveys could take months. “Such a wide set ��equipment for specialized screening will meet in a rare hospital. In addition, many types of minimally invasive manipulation for the study of the internal organs cannot be performed in the clinic. They are under General anesthesia, require hospitalization and monitoring of the condition of the patient,” explained head of the Department Yevgeny Kiselyov.

Under invasive diagnostic center in the Oncology center locations do not regret it – cleared out the whole floor. After a comprehensive examination helps to determine the tactics of further treatment and, ultimately, affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the fight against malignant tumors. Examples of this enough recently doctors had told the happy story of your former patient: a young woman, which after the first birth quickly found the cancer in my spine and conducted a complex operation to remove a malignant tumor, was able to carry and give birth to a second child. Message about the kid from the house of the hospital they sent both to my husband and doctors.

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