We sort of us (laughs). Currently, we report on the developments in the Sport due to Corona. After that, we will have to sort in fact. If the autumn also still sport remains free, is the little work. This will be next year with the upcoming tournaments clenched. 2021 a hell of a year.

The preparations have now started.

I don’t know how I could prepare for it. I assumed that the Bashing on the net goes off again as soon as I go in important to Play on the air. I’m trying to avoid mistakes. But that does not always succeed, men also. I now have a good deal with this phenomenon.

I always asked the question: What makes a? I can’t tell you really. But I reflect and question myself since 2016, there is certainly more. Also, the Writing of the book was a process of Reflection.

Yes, I want to take a position. This is not a sports report book, but an encouragement for others. Equality is a current social issue, and it’s not supposed to appeal to women interested in football.

Yes. You have to separate objective criticism from incitement and hatred. I am exposed in the public space of the Expo and must turn myself in to the criticism. Objective Criticism!

Yes, we do. From 2016 to 2018, this network has grown-Häme, once again, extremely. During the world Cup, I had no time to pursue these excesses. My boss had my back to increase the pressure.

Uncomfortable. In editorial conferences, I am also often the subject, I sank each and every Time.

I can’t even say precisely. Already in 2016, asked me, the editor-in-chief of the ZDF, if I want to file a report. I didn’t want to. At the world Cup in Russia in 2018, the station decided and filed a complaint about two Tweets. I was in Moscow in the Hotel and learned it from the news. I’m pretty shrugged together. I think back then they wanted to put outside a sign.

The procedure was terminated.

I don’t know. I often have the impression that one expresses his opinion and always will be multiplied by. In real life I don’t experience anything like that. The etiquette behavior is different, people weigh in more detail, as they face an. Since this network-Bashing, I’m considerably more in exchange with the Fans, and I remember not a single communication that was bad. This hatred is a network characteristic.

That is doing very, very well. But I would prefer, I would have this kind of attention is not necessary. I’m not happy to be out in Public. I just want to do my Job.

Obviously, this Hater in football refuge a bigger problem with women than in other areas. You say: Now you penetrate in this area. A high politician, wrote to me: Every year for the first Time is difficult.

Sigmar Gabriel. Since he was still Vice-Chancellor.

I understand that a woman’s voice, the men’s football commented on, is unusual. I also find some voices better than others. But this is nice. A pensioner wrote to me: He did voice a Problem with a woman; in terms of content, everything is fine, and he’s also sorry for what me it all plans. This is then also okay.

During an emotional side on the left flank, the woman rolls over more than the men. So I’ve learned to pay attention. Otherwise, I train, I will have no way of speaking to the people to meet. That would not be authentic.

Apparently, I’m often addressed with “Herr Neumann,” on the phone. I have no high-pitched voice. But it is a woman’s voice, and it shall remain so.

I wrote in front of the corona of a crisis (laughs). Also, out of self-protection, so I’m not hope, but continue to learn to deal with it. I hope that after the corona crisis, the social interaction is changed.

I was never in the struggle for Equality is involved. I found this women’s issue is always excessive. I was socialized with football exactly the same as the men. But I know now, it makes no sense to wegzuducken. I’ll show my face. This responsibility I want to make me and my fellow young women courage. The people will have to get used to the idea that women can do everything.

I do not know how many women are involved in hate comments. But I can imagine that not all women are impressed, if the image of the woman changed in such a way.

If I can contribute with my story, a part of the social Soft move a little, then that means something to me.

Not really. I have male colleagues whose children are teased in school. I have no children. As long as it only affects me, I can endure it.

Yes, when I was sitting in Toulouse at the airport, and me with sentimental thoughts went through my head.

Absolutely. Me have quenched this Transparent under the belt line and the aggressive sound of the Fans always. I can start mining with the Thesis “football belongs to Aggression,” nothing. You can appeal against the football commercialism, but please in a different way. The stadium atmosphere is important, the mind games that we had last time were awful. But to me a world Cup like that audience better than the Bundesliga. Men, women and children painted in the face of this event the audience is less fanatical than in club football.

I think, since the cutting quantity is rather low. The people who have discovered the net as a valve, the other football fans that are reflected are. But in both there is a large amount of hangers-on and those are the most dangerous.

many people are currently thinking. The word “solidarity” falls on every corner. But in football it’s all about supply and demand. He is national sport number 1, and has the potential to zuschaukeln a business high. Everyone wants to get the Best out of it, no one is to blame. We would all do. No one would say: I renounce, because I believe that is unethical. And I still hope that everything is moved down one step.

Yes, but you don’t want to be pushed. I believe that man will help in difficult times if he can. Many athletes do just that. The wonderful Video of the Swiss national team, which wants to support the nursing staff, is viral. Yann Sommer, for example, the madness is. Sings really well!

Claudia Neumann “Has the ever a permit, outside of the kitchen to stop?”, Harper Collins publishing

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The 1964-born Claudia Neumann grew up in nine churches in North Rhine-Westphalia. She spent her Childhood, especially on the Soccer field. With the dream of becoming a sports reporter, she studied German studies and Sport. She began her career at Sat.1. In 1999, she switched to ZDF. In 2011, she commented on the first Time the women’s football world Cup. Since 2016 it also sits at the tournaments of the men on the microphone. This triggered a flood of sexist comments, which drew a far-reaching debate. At the European Championships in 2018 and the same. In these days she released her first book. Neumann lives in Wiesbaden. About your relationship status you want to give any information.