and the most prestigious International Olympiad on Informatics for schoolboys, The International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), which this year was to take Singapore, the organizers decided not to cancel and to move in the virtual space.

Deputy Director of the IOI, a senior lecturer in the school of computing, National University of Singapore Dr. Steven Halim says: the key thing is that this year’s graduates will still be able to participate in the competition. It will be held from 13 to 19 September – online.

– In remote mode, the Olympics will be the minimum version of myself, focused on competition with the system of electronic proctoring (online-control – approx. ed.). Online IOI 2020 will feature the best four high school students from 88 countries – said Steven Halim. – Solemn ceremony of opening and closing will be “virtual”. There will be social days, excursions and guest tracks.

the organizers of the International Olympiad of chemistry (IChO International Chemistry Olympiad) which was held in Istanbul, too, decided to spend her online. Here, unfortunately, we had to “donate” laboratory and practical assignment – students will write remotely only a written theoretical work under the camera.

finally, the international mathematics Olympiad (International Mathematical Olympiad, IMO), which was to be held this year in St. Petersburg, also will be virtual. “IMO 2020 will be held in a remote format, and participants will carry out tasks of the Olympics September 21-22 2020, while in their own countries. Detailed information will be published until 30 June 2020, reports the organizing Committee. – The opening ceremony and the closing ceremonies will also be virtual medals to winners and runners-up will be mailed. In any case, no one should endanger their health, to participate in the competition rounds”.

In this part of the Olympics was postponed to the next year, among them geography Olympiad IGEO, which also was to be held in Istanbul, and the physics Olympiad IPhO in Vilnius.

– the Current period of uncertainty is the opportunity to concentrate on study, no distractions, – said the rector of MIPT, a member of the Council for the preparation of national teams of the Russian Federation Alexey Maleev.

in July, it is planned to conduct online trainings on computer science for about a hundred pupils, selected according to the results of previous stages of the national Olympiad and other achievements. In August, adjusted on the epidemiological situation, for the best parties can be held full-time fees at MIPT. This will be the first round of selection to the team next year and will help spot new talents that were never before on “radar” coaches.

contest allow people to realize themselves, but when we’re talking about 100 pupils in the whole country – it is a little. This year we are in remote mode, plan to prepare for natural science and technical competitions 1,200 schools in the Olympiad of MIPT. This is more than last year – said Alex Maleev. – More than 300 high school students are already learning, and for many it is the first step in the contest community to get acquainted with the best teachers, to get feedback.

According to him, students have long been accustomed to communicate in chat rooms and social networks, so they feel comfortable in the virtual community and make friends. But Moodle there are also disadvantages. For example, a family with two children and two parents to study and work on udalenke need four computers. And this is not available to all.

the Eleventh-grader of the Lyceum. Lobachevsky of Kazan Federal University Ildar Gainullin won last year’s international Olympiad in Informatics gold and absolute second place. He also won last year at the all-Russian Olympiad in Informatics, won the Olympics, “Technocolor”, Open students Olympics on programming, Workshops Moscow Juniors. Now the government is preparing for the September IOI.

– While there are fees, I solve problems Olympiads of previous years in the online archives, competing with other participants in online competitions for sites Codeforces and AtCoder. In addition, I participated in an online training camp ByteDance and Moscow Workshops that helped me prepare – shared secrets Ildar Gainullin.

on average, one day of preparation for the international Olympiad in Informatics can last 8 hours: a five-hour round of the competition (contest) for three hours on tutorial and practice. Of course, these workouts don’t happen every day, but can be 2-3 times a week.

– For those who are just starting their journey in the Olympiad in Informatics first is to reach some sufficient level when you understand what it all about, to learn beginning theory and complete simple and common tasks that you can do yourself. Then we need to begin to visit the field summer and winter schools, meet like-minded people. In the current situation, those who in the beginning, it is easier because you can earn the basic skills at home. And how the pandemic will end, it is necessary to aim for success, to travel and communicate, – tells the Chairman of the Central subject-methodical Commission on Informatics, associate Professor of the University ITMO, the winner of the presidential prize in the field of education Andrey Stankevich.