The Ski-circus in the last 22 years, a real Kasper theatre. Since the Engadine, Gian Franco Kasper, 1998, the office of the FIS-President of the Bernese Marc Hodler assumed, was the chain smoker from St. Moritz to athletes, coaches, and media figures have repeatedly as “Anti-reformers” or “Alpine brake pad” referred to.

Our Slalom Hero and FIS athletes ‘ spokesman Daniel Yule called in last February, a change at the top of the International Ski Federation, after Kasper introduced the climate-change agreement. And indeed, last November, the 75-year-old Kasper announced his resignation in may, planned the FIS Congress in Thailand. But this Congress has canceled the 17-member Board of Directors of the FIS on Friday due to the Corona Virus.

And because the new President can only be from the official Congress voted, could take the reign of GRP but still longer.

Really? Patrick Lang, son of Ski world Cup founder Serge Lang, not believe in it: “I’ve heard in the last few days, from different sides, that Gian wants to stop Franco for good. Thus, the FIS would have to be continued until the next Congress in line with the articles of one of the Vice-President.”

One of the four Vice-presidents is the Swede Mats Primary (52), has already made a long time ago to be of interest for the Kasper-succession open to the public. Swiss Ski President Urs Lehmann (50) is traded in Insider circles also longer than in the future, FIS President, but the downhill skiing world champion of 1993 has not made his candidacy up to now officially.

However, when and where want to make up for the FIS Congress? “We have, in the last twenty years in Zurich, immediately prior to the start of the season, the so-called FIS-Technical-Meeting. We will discuss whether the next Congress can be linked to the autumn Meeting in Switzerland,” said FIS Marketing Director, Jürg Capol.

the award of The Alpine world Cup, 2025, for which Crans Montana is applying, you could go but at least theoretically, before the Congress on the stage. Reason: to be A world Cup host will be determined at the time of the FIS, in contrast to a President, not by Congress, but by the Board of Directors.