Instead of the great final of

it will be almost real. The show, which will now receive the name of Eurovision: Europe, Shine A Light, will last about two hours. And it is with their competition songs will perform the same participants from 41 countries, but only in the format of online concert. Yes, and to lead the program will be Chantal Jansen, Edsilia Ramble and Ian Smith, as planned in Rotterdam in 2020. Only now virtual.

Photo: Eurovision Song Contest/ Why Uno song from Little Big do not win on “the Eurovision” and in 2021

in short, you get a little nostalgic of the show meant to the audience of Europe were able to imagine how would be the final of 16 may not be the contest is canceled due to pandemic coronavirus.

– We want to make a show that would have attracted the attention not only to the 41 artists who were to appear in Rotterdam. But also inspired those who are house – people from all over Europe in these difficult times! – said the new Executive supervisor (producer) competition Seats Bakker.

And said: “of Course, we will pay tribute to those affected by the pandemic coronavirus. And those who are diligently struggling with this trouble! So, let’s make this concert a memorable moment in the history of Eurovision!”

Photo: Anton Belitsky/ RIA Novosti Yuri Loza told the Russians what to replace the “Eurovision”

it is declaredon voting for the contestants is expected.

Perhaps this option was considered. But according to the rules of Eurovision, the audience must judge only “live” performances, taking place on one stage. That is, so that all had identical conditions and opportunities for victory.

And in a situation of a pandemic coronavirus is, of course, is not possible.


Show Eurovision: Europe, Shine A Light will start at 21:00 Central European time. I.e., to that which is usual for semi-finals and finals of the competition. In Moscow will be 22:00.