the pronounced peak of the epidemic in Russia may not be. RBC reports following the survey of medical experts.

“Quite possible scenario without an explosive peak. For the last five days the growth of the disease is mainly associated with the number of test subjects, as evidenced by the fact that the number of hospitalizations grows. Now even if you look at the statistics of the major hospitals, they have a number of patients less than it was two or three weeks ago,” – says infectious disease physician Valery beznosenko.

He noted that the number of patients is also growing mainly due to the asymptomatic and mild forms. According to Rospotrebnadzor, over the past two weeks the number of identified carriers of the virus without clinical manifestations is almost 50% of their total daily number.

Leading researcher of the Institute of clinical experimental medicine, Virology Professor Alexander Chepurnov sure that the adopted quarantine measures could help Russia avoid a sharp rise in the number of patients in the first stage of the epidemic.

“the Main concern is the point when the amount recovered begins to exceed the number of cases,” said the doctor.

the article also quoted the Director of the Central research Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, academician Vasily Akimkina, which also stated that as a result of government restrictive measures, the peak of coronavirus in Russia can be smoothed.

“If we did not, the growth incidence curve would be completely different. This allowed us to win two or three weeks before peak growth, so this peak, which everyone is expecting, may not be. He is just very smooth, and we go through this phase of increased morbidity is not as noticeable,” – shared his opinion of the academician.

According to the Federal operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus infection on the morning of may 8, in Russia identified 10 699 new cases, most of which is in Moscow – 5 846 revealed. As previously noted by experts, the peak of the spread of coronavirus in Russia as a whole will have a brightly expressed character, since the vast territory and different period of appearance of the first infected in different regions will smooth out the overall picture of morbidity.

the health Minister of Russia Mikhail Murashko announced on 6 may that the country had not yet reached the plateau of zarahemla coronavirus, noting that while there is a daily increase in infections, talk about a plateau sooner.