The first landing stage for special ships with liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Germany was inaugurated in Wilhelmshaven on Tuesday. Lower Saxony’s Economics Minister Olaf Lies (SPD) emphasized that the new investor was completed only 194 days after the first ramming. He was “a big step for more security of supply”.

In the future, special ships will be able to dock at the pier, which will take liquefied natural gas from tankers and turn it back into gaseous form on board. The gas is then fed into the supply network and distributed via pipelines.

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The background to the project in Wilhelmshaven is Germany’s efforts to position itself more broadly in terms of gas supply sources after having been very dependent on Russia for a long time. So far there are no LNG terminals in this country; Liquid gas comes to Germany via feed-in points in France or the Netherlands, for example.

Lies explained on Tuesday that the early decision to choose Wilhelmshaven as a hub for LNG imports was the right one. The existing port infrastructure and “excellent framework conditions” have contributed to the project becoming a “success story”.

At least 53 people are said to have been injured in an explosion in the pedestrian zone in Istanbul. President Erdogan spoke of six dead and a “sneaky attack”. The cause of the explosion is still unclear.

At the G20 summit, Russia is under close scrutiny because of the war in Ukraine. As a representative of Kremlin boss Putin, Foreign Minister Lavrov caused a stir in advance because of a report about a hospital stay. The Foreign Minister finally denied the rumors – and made a curious mistake.

Kurt Krömer meets Julian Reichelt in the interrogation room of his RBB show – more friction is hardly conceivable in a talk. In 30 minutes with little insight, a number of allegations and even more denials were made. The ex-“Bild” boss liked the role of victim of “repulsive methods”.