Tyumen doctors were able to save the patient’s leg from amputation, replacing the tumor bone with metal prosthesis.

66-year-old man went to the doctors in March with severe pain in the knee joint. He thought that the consequences of injury (hurt my foot on the furniture), but outpatient treatment at the place of residence did not help, but a deeper study reveals the true cause: a malignant neoplasm.

In the Regional clinical hospital №2 trauma surgeons to replace the damaged tumor area of bone on the design of a special alloy. Such operations in the region conducted for the first time, was supervised by the Moscow specialist Michael Schupak.

“In that city, whence man came, as the treatment he was offered the amputation of a limb or wait for a quota organoboranes operation in the Federal center. In Tyumen, the leg was saved,” explained Anastasia Dembitska, a representative of the regional Department of health.

forecasts for the recovery of the patient doctors give good: from the intensive care unit, he had already moved to a General ward.

the Complex operation to remove the tumor was held by the surgeons in Tobolsk. Initially, the patient complained of severe abdominal pain and bloating. It turned out that the cause of the intussusception was a malignant tumor.

“In the course of emergency surgery, the doctors had found cancer, which spread to nearby organs and was struck by the liver. Metastases had to be removed along with the tumor to give the patient a full recovery. Prior to this case such intervention in Tobolsk was not conducted,” – said Dmitry Ujenzi, press Secretary of the Regional hospital №3″.

the Operation lasted three hours and was successful. The patient was under medical supervision for two weeks, and was recently discharged from the hospital. In front of him a course of chemotherapy to minimize the risks of recurrence.