In the year of the 15th anniversary the ribbons we will distribute 15 million of strips, – said the head of the movement “Victory Volunteers” Olga Emelchenkova. – Distribution of ribbons volunteers will begin may 4, but I’m glad that we are already ahead. I see avatars of many users of social networks “glow” ribbons and ribbons adorn the cars on the streets, passers-by backpacks and even handbags. People ribbon left from last year that shows – orange-and-black stripes of memory, we become family.

As the headquarters of the volunteer campaign “We are together!” The ribbons you can get 25-thousand outlets across the country in grocery stores, pharmacies, filling stations and government agencies. 200 thousand of shops, 1800 petrol and four chain pharmacies have announced their participation in the distribution of tapes. Because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus and requirements isolation the results tapes will be non-contact.

– George ribbon is a gift for many people who are in isolation, but for veterans of the great Patriotic war and elderly people – just gift and value, – the Deputy Director “Repatriate” Natalia Mandrova. – In General, a pair of phenomena such as self-isolation and volunteering, return to the nature of the St. George ribbon. It now it became a sign of Victory, and was originally conceived as a sign of calm reflection about their roots, the memory of the ancestors who gave their lives for us. And the fact that volunteers are prepared for the transfer tape to older people, they will carry along with food packages or medicines, it’s the return of the ribbons of them quiet memory.

In 2020 the action “Georgievsky ribbon” will be held from may 4 to 9, in online and offline formats.

“George ribbon” was born in 2005. Today it is one of the most support in society initiatives associated with the celebration of Victory Day. The main goal of the campaign is to give everyone an opportunity to Express their respect for the war veterans, to honor the memory of the fallen.

the Event is held annually in more than 90 countries of the world the forces of movement “Volunteers of Victory.”