creating a cluster “Danemark” Voronezh authorities approved two years ago. Association of social tourism, proposed to link the sights on the middle don, paving new routes of excursions, both for Voronezh, and for those who can be in the region of travel. In the summer on the highway M-4 to the South and are moving back millions of Russians, many stay overnight in the capital of Chernozem region or small towns of the region. Some travel “savages” with a tent and stop along the rivers.

Recently we specifically sailed down the don – the shore crammed with vacationers. And if you add the service, our facilities and excursions are popular with tourists – said the head of the Ostrogozhsk district Sergey Khoroshilov. – The place is wonderful: the river Girl, Potudan, Quiet Pine, chalk cliffs, grass – better than in Crimea! Yes, to create good conditions, need financing, and this is always difficult. But people go.

the First season in “Danemarca” opened on the territory of Ostrogozhsk district under the Korotoyak. There are places where swimming and picking herbs. The tour will show you where hiding aquaresis (Chilim), will be transferred to the reserve “Divnogorie” for the not so well known but no less interesting places, ancient burial mounds, hill FORTS and even the mysterious labyrinth.

In the valley of the don, the bulk of monuments of history and archaeology, but without a guide to imagine what is notable about a particular hill or cliff, can be difficult.

abroad in such places, doing a little reconstruction, simulation dwellings or fortifications, walking trails with signs. We intend to implement these technologies in the Voronezh region, – the Director for development of OOO “Danemark” Denis Zaitsev. – Where-that will help kuar codes somewhere – installation… In divnogorie, Kostenki and Pavlovsk are planning to build visitor centers. There it is possible to use AR and VR: put on a helmet or glasses and found among primitive people, the Khazars or the shipbuilders of the Petrine era.

the project involves the Voronezh historians and scientists, craftsmen and artists. Thus, the Korotoyak guests are welcomed by a folk ensemble, in the vicinity of the cave of the Belogorsky monastery, the gang masters “White mountain”. Tourists will acquaint with authentic folk songs, learn to play the kalyuk, run head over heels and wield sticks – from the old Russian fun-born field hockey.

Objects of the cluster located over 350 km from North to South – from Gremyachiy in the Khokholsky district to the White hill in Bogucharskiy. According to the organizers, between the reference points is about 30 kilometers. It’s more convenient to build up the logistics. The tour can last from one to four days depending on the program. They can be carried out on comfortable minibuses or jeep part of the way to overcome on a boat, but those who have the means will see Donskie prostory from the height of bird flight.

In 2021-m “Danemarca” appears glamping. In 2022-2025 years it is planned to develop three to five full areas recreation with the attendance of each at 50 thousand people. At the nodal points will make the berths, car parks, sanitary facilities, catering facilities. The plan envisages the construction of five hotels in the small towns and villages, visitor centres in divnogorie, Pavlovsk and farm Bricks, as well as several facilities for MICE tourism. According to the draft, people will stay in the cluster for three days and daily spending an average of five thousand rubles.

the Minimum initial investment half a billion rubles. They intend to bring, among other things, through Federal programs and national projects. To pay off the costs should in seven years, told “RG” the President of the Association for the development of social tourism Alexander Euforico:

– the Market for domestic tourism is. I speak as someone, who has more than 20 years of experience in tourism field – Northern Europe and unusual areas related to natural attractions. The first strong impetus to the development of the industry in Russia gave 2014. Around 2017, the momentum stalled. But we have already started to engage in social tourism, and we believe this is a promising niche. Voronezh region was chosen by a combination of factors: accessibility, diversity sites, good traffic in the holiday season.

Head of the Department Sergey korchevnikov added that the portfolio of the region today, there are 23 investment projects in the tourism sector for a total amount of around 93 billion. For their implementation need to build roads and engineering infrastructure. With this goal in Voronezh oblast hopes to break into the new project.