In Las Vegas on sale the bunker, former Executive Director of Avon Girard Henderson. The cost of the underground mansion valued at $ 18 million. On the background of the epidemic of the coronavirus worldwide, the hopper can be a great refuge, writes the Daily Star.

“the Mansion of the day of judgment” was built in the 1970s, during the Cold war, the US and the USSR. It is equipped with a functional kitchen, five bedrooms, swimming pool, fireplace and even a waterfall. As writes the edition, in the interior of the hopper used the best materials and technology that could offer the experts 50 years ago.

Also, the mansion has several meeting areas, a cinema room and a games room with two bars. In one of the bedrooms, hidden TV console that extends from the headboard of the bed pressing a button on a special remote. Each room has a private bath. The communication system is represented by a separate mansion for the generator and tank, designed for a thousand gallons of water (4.5 liters).

There are in a shelter and “yard”: artificial lawn, planted with various types of trees, a pool, a fountain and a barbecue. From the Windows in the bedrooms offer views of the various natural objects: mountains, valleys and forests. Manually painted murals with landscapes automatically change the lighting depending on the time of day.

the price of the house includes all the furniture and services of the caretaker. Buy bunker is recommended for those who want safe and fun to spend time with friends without getting ill while on the surface of a raging epidemic COVID-19.