In the state Duma, has predicted rising prices for paper sanitary products — toilet paper and towels. The reason may be recommendation of the CPS on the suspension of separate waste collection due the threat of coronavirus, said in a letter to the Deputy of the state Duma Yury Volkov in the CPS, which acquainted “Izvestia”. According to experts, these goods can grow by 10-15%.

According to Volkov, due recommendations of the Agency can stop the flow of raw materials for the formation of the pulp and paper industry, which ensures the production of paper sanitary of commodities.

“Recommendations without specifying the position of the service for the dissemination of this operation. Also not determined the validity of the recommendations, as they are not given for the period of self-isolation, connected only with the possibility of infection from a new virus COVID-19”, — he said, adding that the letter asked the CPS to clarify the position in relation to separate collection of garbage during a pandemic.

According to the Executive Director of the Association “League of waste paper processors” Alexey Sergeeva, within three weeks the cost of hygiene products could grow by 10-15%, and the cheap toilet paper (15-20 rubles per roll) may disappear altogether.

the Trend also was interviewed by “Izvestia” experts.

the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) said “news” that aware of the situation in the waste paper collection on the territory of Russia and are closely monitoring the potential abuses in this area. If necessary, will take measures of Antimonopoly regulation, added to the FAS.