In Yekaterinburg found nine apartments, of which the clock is being webcast on the world’s largest site for voyeurs. It is reported portal

How do I find the correspondent of the newspaper, the apartment settled local students — they are obliged to walk naked around the clock and as often as possible to engage in promiscuous sex. Pornohorse “House-2” in the city organized by Hebert Metals LP, registered in Edinburgh (UK).

In Russia the resource is, where is the video of the apartments, is available only when you connect a virtual personal network (VPN). Site users need to register, it costs few tens of dollars per month. Viewers can switch between different studios (they are located in Russia and Eastern Europe), as well as between the numerous cameras mounted in the apartment.

the Participants of the project told to hide from the lenses can only be in the toilet. At the initial stage for the shooting is not pay — new content with free accommodation in the apartment. Subsequently, they sign a contract with Hebert Metals LP. The income of the “actors” depend on the number of video views.

After the publication of the investigation by the police of Yekaterinburg has promised to check the information about the “pornocasting” and, if necessary, to take action.

Earlier in June, it became known that a soldier of one of military units of the Tver garrison during service made pornographic video and posted it online. The materials he unloaded into the network. The soldier was convicted of illegal manufacturing of and trafficking in pornography, and sentenced him to two years imprisonment.