At the aviary polar bear named Umka, whom the fishermen bear picked up one on the shore of the Kara sea a few years ago, usually crowded. Now visitors are not many, but the important thing is that they returned. Umka guests are genuinely happy – slams paw on the water, raising a column of spray. They reach through the fence to the lucky winners. People are asking the bear to continue an impromptu performance, and he is happy to try.

– When the zoo was closed to the public, our animals were depressed, says press Secretary of the Penza zoo Marina Kagina. They have become accustomed to crowds of onlookers, this was their only entertainment. And suddenly everything vanished.

Difficulties arose with the food. The local budget is only 40 percent meets the needs of the zoo. The rest of the municipal business makes itself, mostly from ticket sales. But this source of income has fallen for three months, and the budget so quickly to redraw.

the administration of the zoo was forced to turn to the citizens with a call for help. Last month gathered about half a million rubles and made food supplies for the month ahead. Penzentsy carrying hay, potatoes from the cellar and even jam jars – it all went in the bins. For the first week after release from isolation, the zoo was visited by several thousand people. No crowds – the area of ten hectares enables visitors to spread out and get lost in the greenery.

it is Noteworthy that social distance are asked to keep not only between people, but also not to approach the animals. Veterinarians explain that the novel coronavirus infection can be dangerous, especially for great apes. This question seriously yet no one has studied. In any case, since the epidemic began, the workers of the zoo are in cages necessarily in masks and gloves, I always use the antiseptic.

During the isolation of many of the inhabitants of the zoo appeared adoptive parents or guardians. Officially you can take any animal under the care, signed a contract and fully pay for his food, veterinary care and treatment enclosures. The pricelist is different, for example, the contents of one owl will cost 1200 rubles per month. Guardian may visit the ward at least every day – entrance to the zoo is free for him, he is also required to provide a detailed report on the state of health, diet, and even the mood of the animal or bird.

While mom found one brown bear, the second are documented, as well as cute animal Fennec Fox is a small Fox with large ears. All in the Penza zoo has about three thousand individuals, of which 75 percent are in the Red Book.

the Zoo is now open seven days a week. Children under three years are free, up to 14 years – cost of the ticket one hundred ��of ubli, for adults – 200 rubles. You can save on Mondays, when tickets are cheaper by 20 percent.

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