A small second-hand dealer, between Winterthur and Zurich with a few on the main road arranged in a number of used cars. In addition, four men are sitting, laughing in the sun. I look at their cars, while one of the Quartet asked what I was looking for. “Can I buy a car?”, I have a question. “Sure,” he replies. “But you can sell anyway?” according to hake, I. “Definitely not,” he replies, grinning, “but …”

As I say, I’m from the VIEW, the Grin abruptly. “No Name, no photos”, it means now all of a sudden. I remain stubborn: “Is the business dead?” “Yes, dead,” comes the terse reply. “And over the Internet?” “Runs anything.” More is not to learn, so I’m out of the dust.

As with the Swissair-Grounding

Same principal a Occasions road, back to Site, but virtually no cars. Marcel Bouffé (64) operates here for 31 years, the “Auto 2000”. His trade attached is a small workshop – that is why he is there anyway. “I’ve got the time, the cars screw up.” Bouffé adheres correctly to the instructions of the mechanic Association, AGVS, and gives patient information – throbs but to the two meters distance. “I belong as a diabetics are in the risk group.”

His only employee, he has registered for short-time work. “The sale is dead. Also over the Internet is nothing going on,” he confirms. “This month I’ve sold up to now a single car. A convertible to Tinker for 890 Swiss francs – about the Internet platform AutoScout24.” Bouffé compares the Situation with that of the Swissair Grounding in 2001. “Then, too, the whole trade was in the area dead.” And thoughtful: “We have nothing to laugh about. Many of my colleagues will come to the Limit.”

halt instead of the high season.

Also, the self-proclaimed largest auto center of Switzerland, the Auto Discount Uster, tönts similar. Member of the Executive Committee Gianluca Di Modica (42) says: “We stand with our backs to the wall.” He, too, has logged in its 25 employees for short-time work, but wants to avoid layoffs, absolutely. “It is a bitter pill to swallow. We have now high season!”

Instead, the business is virtually at a standstill. Be operating in coordination with the local authorities strictly to the Federal Council’s requirements. The exhibition is officially. Cars can but – alone – sample hazards, and, if desired, be via the Internet purchased. Only: it is currently made little use of it. Pay Di Modica wants to tell no. But with our estimated drop in sales of over 75 per cent we are likely to be wide of the mark.

Also online less financial statements

And how about the biggest car-Online marketplace of Switzerland? Autoscout24’s Managing Director Pierre-Alain Regali (53) is the latest online traffic Numbers satisfied. There is a slight decrease in attendance on the Website: “We note, however, that the people browsing continues to to cars. The User decline is not significant.” And what pleased Regali: “at the moment, more people than ever, our Autoscout24 store App.”

However, Autoscout24 registered on the platform of the car to search for a User record since mid-March, less by Mail or by telephone contact with the advertiser. “This has to do,” says Regali, “that the people remain at home and, therefore, more practical car purchases, refrain.” But he remains confident: “We expect that this will recover after the Lockdown again.”

posted: AutoScout24 adapts its offer to

During the current difficult Situation, to provide vehicles contactless to the buyer, searches for AutoScout24 new solutions for dealers, private sellers and car search. “Our developers are in the midst of a so-called Hackathon, based on our “HackatHome” during the home office phase,” says Managing Director Pierre-Alain Regali. This means that AutoScout24-specialists develop with high-pressure unconventional, innovative and fast solutions. Regali promises: “Some of the Features are already AutoScout24 in the next few days.ch be visible.”