As told in the organizing Committee of the rally, the local people actively participated in the formation of the video. They send information and photos to create a single database of families with schoolchildren and students, and the children willingly told about their ancestors-veterans.

in the Kuban region in the years of the war there were fierce battles. One of the brightest pages in the battle for the Caucasus became famous Kushchevskaya battle – the last in the history of the world wars cavalry attack by the lava. Then, the hot summer of 1942, the Germans were eager to Stalingrad, Kuban bread and the Caucasian oil. Delay the enemy in any way for at least a day and allow the red army retreated behind don, to prepare the defense, was ordered Cossack cavalry corps. But they delayed the Nazis for three days. More than two thousand Cossacks were killed in Kushchevskaya battle, but the enemy suffered huge losses.

Established in 1967 on the outskirts of the village monument “Cossack guards” – the fourth of the Kuban Cossack cavalry corps – became the hallmark of the Kuschevskiy district. Sculpture of a rider on a rearing see all who is going on the Federal highway M4 “don”. And behind him now – the whole field of the Cossack Fame – a memorial history of the Cossacks, chapel, courtyard with subjects of the Cossack life and farm buildings. And in mid-April, the village of Kushchevskaya was awarded the honorary title of “Frontier of military valour”. The head of municipality Igor Guzeev immediately opened his account in the Instagram category with the same name. He publishes pictures of heroes, lived up to the 75-th anniversary of Victory. They are few, but each fate – the legend.

Andrei lazko from the village Kislyakovskaya fought in the legendary 4th guards Cossack cavalry corps in the position of squad leader. This is the 17-th Cossack cavalry corps, which for the defence and the attack under Kushchevskaya was awarded the title of the 4th guards. However, in the legendary horse attack Andrei Andreevich did not participate, having joined the corps in 43-m to year, after the liberation of the Kuban. On your favorite horse Orlik, who became his best friend, he walked hundreds of kilometers, liberating Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. And the victory over the Nazis 20 years Kuban Cossack met in Prague.

– Amazing fate, says the head of the district. – Before the age of 95 years, our Andrei preserved Cossack prowess. Our youth have someone to look up.

In the Kuban in honor of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory in all regions are targeted concerts, congratulations of veterans, and a personal Victory parades.

In the village of Kushchevskaya on 9 may they will be held in the middle of the day in two locations. Will March the Cossacks with the banner of Victory in front of the house down the street Kurtseva, which is home to Victor V. Kerichev. A long and difficult path he walked the roads of war. During the liberation of Kuban took part in the battles to break through the Blue line, liberated Krivoy Rog, Odessa, Kherson, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria. Home in Kushchevskaya, back in the 47th year, nearly half a century a teacher in the school where now he is always welcome. Not coincidentally, several of the young kosovtsev sent to participate in the virtual March “Immortal regiment” a portrait of the former teacher-veteran.

And in the 14-30 the head of Kushchevsky rural settlement Evgeny Firsov together with a creative group of local DC will come up with a personal congratulatory message to the house No. 87 in the lane may day. Living here Vladimir Ivanovich Popov, the amazing destiny of which “RG” wrote. He was barely 15 when he came to funerals of his father. And the tall boy, attributing his age, ran away from home and went to the front. It happened that two medals “For courage” found it not even after years and decades after the war.

In 1983, Vladimir Ivanovich Popov found the first medal of the distant 1944. And his second “Bravery” sought out employees of the district Museum. They found that combat award many years ago was wrongly awarded full namesake – Popov Vladimir Ivanovich – from the neighboring region. The veteran received someone else’s medal, long dead. Who showed carelessness, now there is no point to find out. Much more importantly, the efforts of employees Kuschevskiy historical Museum unfortunate mistake was corrected. And on the ninth of December 2015 – the heroes of the Fatherland Day, Vladimir Ivanovich was awarded the second medal “For Courage”. We wrote about this in the framework of the campaign “Stars of Victory”, which is “RG” conducted jointly with the defense Ministry.

Virtual March “Immortal regiment” United by one idea, but everywhere filled with its colour. As well as my personal congratulations to veterans.

In Primorsko-Akhtarsk, for example, on the district at this moment is original or rebuilt equipment during the war. The car stops near the veterans homes to greet them with a long beep. According to the organizers, congratulations and all the concerts are held in strict accordance with sanitary standards.

“Even in the context of quarantine, the people are waiting for may 9, and veterans especially. And we must create an atmosphere of celebration for each of them. Come to the house of veterans, to worship and to congratulate the little things that we can and should do”, – says the head of the Kuban Veniamin Kondratiev.

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