the Epidemic of the coronavirus reached South America, and in some countries it was not ready. For example, in Colombia were not enough hospital beds. In addition, due to the dramatically soaring mortality their work do not have time to do the undertakers. A local company came up with a very pragmatic, but almost inhuman way to solve both of these problems: craftsmen build cardboard beds, which in a worst case scenario turn into coffins.

Some consider it justified during of shortages of equipment, others on the contrary, I think this idea is absolutely unacceptable.

the Idea to make such a specific bed came to the designers of the Displays ABC company, which is engaged in creation of cardboard equipment. According to Rodolfo Gomez, the founder of the company, the idea came to him when they were watching the stories about how the streets of Ecuador corpses and medical workers can not cope with a huge number of cases of coronavirus.

Ecuador – southern neighbor Colombia, where the pandemic has come relatively recently, but it has exposed serious problems in the health sector. In Guayaquil, the dead were so many that the people do not have time to send their final journey, while the bodies of the victims of the epidemic was just lying on the streets. Then the local authorities came up with the idea to use cardboard coffins to reduce the cost and accelerate the process of the funeral.

In Colombia, the situation is somewhat different – it is a country for two months on a rigid quarantine. However, the situation is far from optimal: for a long time of restrictions, the local population has had enough to comply with quarantine measures, and now in South America and even crossed the outbreak of coronavirus – Brazil came in second place for the infected in the world, behind only the United States, and other countries position is not a good call.

the Problem is compounded by the serious shortage of places in hospitals and the shortage of personal protective equipment. According to experts in Colombia there are only 8,000 beds in intensive care units and is a 50 million population!

At this point, and had the idea to do a quick and cheap beds made out of cardboard. ABC Displays claims that they can create up to 3,000 beds in a month, with each of their products will be able to withstand the weight of 130 pounds. And beds of cardboard are cheap – their price is less than $ 100.

the Company is trying not to focus on the “alternative” use their beds. “People can say we’re doing the mortals of the Oder, but we are trying to help in a time of crisis,” said Rodolfo Gomez. He was confident that despite the gloomy situation, their product will ultimately help to cope with the epidemic and save lives.

However, not all Colombians SOG��of any with such ideas. Online offer to make a cardboard bed in the main found two of the response “this is brilliant” and “it’s scary”. Proponents of cardboard beds claim that during a crisis there is no choice, and we must use all possible resources. Opponents insist that people will not lie in a potential coffins and it will affect all the treatment.

Columbia Dr. at the moment, keeping the neutrality, answering all questions that while they hope that the hospital beds will be enough for everyone. However, it is unknown what would happen if the epidemic worst-case scenario, and the problem of shortage of places will have to be addressed.