the Troops of the expedition will be a unique route from Murmansk to the Bering Strait, will unfold around the Wrangel island and back through the Arctic archipelago Novosibirsk Islands, Severnaya Zemlya, the Franz Josef and a New Earth, – said the Director of the Department of expeditions and tourism development the Executive Directorate of the Russian geographical society Sergei Chechulin.

the Researchers will try to find traces of the pioneers of Arctic and write in their biography with new facts, as well as to capture their memory. To this end, participants of the expedition gave the memorial signs dedicated to founders of the Russian geographical society and the polar Explorer Vladimir Rusanov. Sign in his honor will appear on the Cape zhelaniya and in the South island of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.

One of the objects of study will be the place where, supposedly discovered by the food depot of the Austro-Hungarian expedition of 1872-1874 years Carl Weyprecht and Julius payer discovered Franz-Joseph. It was founded on 15 August 1872, the sponsor of the expedition count Johann Wilczek.

Place a bookmark, by the way, found the sailors of the Northern fleet, carrying out reconnaissance of the route of the expedition to the shores of New Land. According to the commander of the Northern fleet Alexander Moiseyev, a comprehensive expedition conducted by military personnel in cooperation with scientific groups of the Russian geographical society, became one of the new forms of training of seafarers.

All of the joint expedition of the Northern fleet and the Russian geographical society United in a single historical-cultural project “the Main facade of Russia. History, events, people”.