the Social network spread a video in which a man of Slavic appearance in heart of the capital city kneels before a labour migrant from Central Asia, and cleans his shoes. Kneeling on the back the inscription “Migrants Lives Matter” – the life of Migrants is Important. What it is a parody of American BLM-crazy? Or it really got to us and now the Russians are urged to kneel? We found the instigator of the action and questioned about the purpose.

Alexander Andrianov 39 years, it seems he is a “humanist” writer and a fighter for, the equality and brotherhood of all people on the planet. And now the instigator and activist of the movement “of Migrants is Important.”

– what this movement is already there?

– Yes, it has appeared, and the action of worship of the knee in Novopushkinsky Park was just announcing its existence. Our purpose is to defend the interests of migrants and protect their rights. Some began to accuse me that I urge the Russians to kneel. The worship of the knee in the center of Moscow – this is just the action, symbolizing the aims of the movement. And his goal – the equality of all people living on Earth.

– who is included in your movement?

– While I’m alone. I this movement was invented and is now trying to inspire them with others. I think from now on, our ranks will grow stronger with each passing day. The emergence of such a movement is ripe!

the Idea of African-Americans have borrowed?

– no, we have a specificity. Although the essence is similar, and humanitarian. Afroasian too low, so they can feel oppressed and humiliated. But labour migrants have very much, they live with us, and we do not think about them!

– what do you think if we give them a job. Otherwise they would to us and do not riding!

– to Work we let them, Yes. But they are constantly humiliated, even unwittingly. Treat them as second-class citizens. But migrant workers clean our streets, deliver food, build houses in which we live. And what they get instead of thanks? They harass regular checks, throwing money, they live in some filthy barracks in unsanitary conditions.

are you not afraid that tracmigrate, impressed by your speeches, begin to behave as they are now doing it the African Americans?

– I think not! Asians temperament, they will only be very grateful, if we start to think about them! Over Tajik guy I brushed my sneakers in the Park, as was touched and embarrassed that he had tears in his eyes welled up. Tell me, said, address, I you tonight pilaf right home will bring.

did you get it?

– No, because I address not given. And so would, I’m sure! The people of Central Asia know how to be grateful. And we are not.

– Say that the ability to respect opsLuga – part of the national culture. For example, an Englishman can raise the voice for their peers, but never, for example, a waiter or a maid. And the Italians may refer to “you” even to the teacher, but never to the housekeeper.

– Here is what you said, is the real discrimination and humiliation. You are now listed members of the “indentured servants”, as some special people who require special rules for the treatment, not the same as everyone else.

in General, the ultimate goal of the movement ZHMV – that people finally realized that it is time to stop dividing the citizens of Nations. We all have the same nationality – Terrans. And all the inhabitants of planet Earth should be given equal rights and opportunities.

the Migrants around us really very much. To interview just five, I could simply go to the nearest street of his country town. My question is, do they join in the new movement ZHMV, they just smile, shake their heads and respond that things are “good” but they have to do it once: “we have to Work!”

– At the level of individual Russians migrants pity and help, – notes the President of the Federation of migrants of CIS Karomat Sharipov. – And at the state level – reduce work, kicked out of housing, while requiring you to pay the registration fees and the patent.

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