Ministry of construction of Russia intends to collect all the documentation on houses in a single electronic database. Write about this “Izvestia”, citing a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on new rules for management companies.

it is Noted that the technical documentation for construction or reconstruction of an apartment building, the keys about the common property of the owners and electronic access codes to the equipment shall be transmitted not only on paper but also in electronic media. In addition, copies of these documents should appear in the State information system (GIS) utilities, all the data will be as needing to be updated.

As told the newspaper the independent expert in the sphere of housing and communal services Pavel Sklyarchuk, the digitalization of the housing sector will increase its transparency for citizens and reduce the cost of utilities, corruption and ensure state control. In addition, the transfer of the deeds to the will simplify and speed up the work of managing companies and will be the basis for the emergence of new convenient and useful services for the Russians, says the head of the Russian Association for electronic communications (RAEC) Sergei plugotarenko. At the same time, the expert said Elena Bocherova, there are risks of emergence of a new layer of open data available for machine processing, it is therefore necessary to consider how to ensure their protection.

Earlier, the Ministry of construction approved the criteria for standard housing, as the term “economy housing” is no longer used. According to the Deputy Minister Nikita Staresina, in recent years, the country implemented quite a lot of worthy projects that can hardly be called economy-class housing.