last Friday In the YANAO has passed a landmark operation in the city of Noyabrsk were detained two active members of the extremist organization “citizens of the USSR”. Some of Cascina Lapushkina suspect that they gave people an ear to passports “for citizens of the USSR” . In fact, it is a simple fraud, but November’s “sects” are accused of extremism. The fact is that the movement of admirers of the Soviet Union does not recognize the laws of the Russian Federation, calls the citizens of the Russian Federation — occupation of the territories of the USSR, and some cells call for armed return of the Soviet foundations.

that after more than a quarter century after the Soviet collapse, the country began to gain momentum nowhere was the movement of followers of the Soviet past, journalists have paid attention in 2018 year. In different parts of our country began to appear a strange organization that is building the cult of our Soviet past. And well if its members are just nostalgic about the sausage for 2 rubles 20 kopecks, singing in the kitchen a song about “the locomotive” and collected badges with the image of the Soviet symbols. But no, their base was the aggressive rejection of reality, until the non-recognition of all laws and resist all government agencies. It is believed that the trigger was the pension reform, and then there were those who “ride the wave”.

In different regions, these movements “Soviet citizens” have different color. In Moscow, some of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, created their own parallel “shadow government”, was actively handing out passports to “citizens of the USSR”, and these forms of the Soviet model that was cheaply bought in Ukraine, where, as it turned out, remained entire reservoir. Citizens “revived Soviet Union” these documents were given for the very real Russian roubles — three thousand for crust, but pensioners-activists were pensioned in Soviet rubles, saying that when the Soviet Union back, then they will be all happy. In Krasnodar Krai, for example, operates a self-proclaimed “Union of citizens of the USSR Prikubansky district of Krasnodar city”, which methodically “makes the brain” then the CPS, then the water utility, the tax authorities, demanding that they comply with Soviet laws. This movement is the so-called “Soviet muckrake”, which is tedious to get. But in Nizhnevartovsk radical cell called “Home in the USSR” had planned the seizure of administrative buildings, but everything ended up breaking the empty building of the Pizzeria, then all followers and were tied. There are already quite exotic offshoots – a movement of “sovereign citizens living in the USSR”. These create their fictional state, other citizens of Russia for them is “dead” . And is suitable forDNAs with them “live” no business can not have. Be yourself – “antidominant”. Therefore members of this movement refuse official documents — passport, INN, medical insurance. And,of course, do not pay the state any taxes or fees or for bills. And aggressive attack when government agencies are trying to shake off these debts. This is sectarianism in its purest form, no wonder the head of their cells are on some “unions” or “Supreme Soviets”, and leaders such as Surgut “representative of live births a live person, the representative of the Creator” Anton Bulgakov, which is now placed in jail for disorderly conduct.

Many actions of the adherents of return to the Soviet Union fall under article of the Criminal code of the Soviet sample — “unwarranted appropriation of title or authority officials”, “a Fake, manufacturing or sale of counterfeit documents, stamps, seals, forms” the Threat or violence against official or public employee”…But it does not bother them. Because the sect differs from the usual nostalgic for the Soviet Union that not only believe in the return of a bright future, and believe blindly, recklessly. And the main slogan, as always – “the whole world of violence we destroy,” and then — come what may.