Dozens of proposals for the lanes entered, in particular, of the Tver district of Strogino. For the most part of them no questions asked. Discussions took place regarding the projected paths on Forest street. One of the petitions from residents who object to its arrangement, and "RG". In the Center of traffic organization, which the editors were asked to comment on the appeal of the residents, said that the parameters of this street track is envisaged for a long time. And without reducing Parking spaces. So the inhabitants say, worried in vain. However Facebook and plans diptrans Muscovites criticized.

Objections from critics several. One of the main – track, they say, appears, quote, "from nowhere and goes to nowhere". Besides her appearance, there is a risk of congestion of transport. Project Manager "" Alexander Shumsky does not agree with this. He recalls: "the bike lane was designed during the reconstruction of Forest and Miusskaya street. The width and geometry of the road here provides a safe separation of bikes and cars".

The total width of the number of cars on the Forest now is 5.5 meters. Felopulos "eats" 1.5 meters. In principle, the machinery space should be enough. Now many of the roads of Moscow the ranks of the movement narrows from 3.5 to 3 m, and thus can accommodate another lane of traffic. On a Forest space even more. If the new track is convenient for the cyclists? After all, next to a Forest other routes do not. Nearest their network available only on the Boulevard ring. Who is right? Show apparently, the time.